Charlie The Dog Baby Apology Video Real Or Fake? Beagle Showers Laura With Gifts After Stealing Toy

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Crying BabyWhat’s the only thing cuter than a funny dog video? A funny dog video with a baby, of course! So it’s no surprise that Charlie the beagle’s hilarious attempt to cheer up a crying baby is going viral.

The video begins with Charlie the dog taking one of the baby Laura’s toys.  Like any young child who loses something she wants, the young girl begins to cry.

A short time later, Laura has stopped crying, but Charlie still feels guilty. So he does what any good dog would do and starts bringing her toy after toy to help her cheer up. His gifts for Laura include a tennis ball, a Playstation controller, a doll, and the toy he took in the first place.

Laura seems a bit overwhelmed by all the gifts, as she can barely move under all of the toys. Still, guilty Charlie’s plan seems to have worked, as the video description notes that Laura and Charlie are still “best friends.”

Watch a guilty Charlie apologize to baby Laura below.

This video of Charlie the dog giving toys to Laura has just now gone viral, even though it was posted online in April. The clip has received more than one million views, but not everyone was impressed by guilty Charlie’s actions. Some questioned whether Charlie’s owners commanded him to retrieve the toys for Laura. But the people behind Charlie’s Facebook page denied this notion on Sunday.

“When Charlie takes any of the Laura’s toys he always gives it back, we keep her toys in the basket, but he loves to open it and bring it to her ( WITHOUT ASKING),” the owners wrote. “That’s why we decided to record these moments and put it all together to one video! We use music in it because we speak polish ( language which not all people can understand) and when we speak there video wouldn’t be so great :).”

To prove it, the owners posted this second video without music, showing that Charlie the dog was not commanded to give Laura any toys. Now that this has been put to rest, we can go back to enjoying the cuteness that is Charlie and Laura’s friendship.

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