Andy Kindler’s Just For Laughs State of the Industry Address 2014 (Full audio)

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MONTREAL — Every year, comedian Andy Kindler delivers the State of the Industry Address at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal. It’s one of the biggest highlights of the weeks long festival as fellow comedians, agents, managers, producers, media and more gather to listen intensely to Kindler, who has made complaining into a comedic art form. SiriusXM Comedy was there to capture the audio and well, we’re here to lovingly embed it below. Enjoy!

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  • tron

    maybe next time prepare some material in advance.

  • Apevon Tarskin

    I fucking hate this guy’s stupid downsy jew face so much.

  • Mike Spiro

    Jesus, when is the part where he starts to be funny?

  • ted

    this jew sucks

  • kevgret

    wow so anyone can make a living in comedy today, huh? This guys a hack.
    He says he never listened to the opie and Anthony show… 2 seconds later he says “while I was listening to the show I heard Anthony be a racist”
    which is it Andy???

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  • Roger The Alien

    Once a year this man rises from obscurity to go to Canada and bitch about people who are more successful than him. He truly is a comic’s comic.

  • MajorTJKong

    Boy thats 59 minutes i wish I could take back. He is a Hack

    • ryan

      I thought it was pretty good. Great delivery

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  • A Ray

    So is this guy’s mantra basically that political correctness is hip and subversive and anything offensive is hack?

  • Nesta

    this is the same guy that has a problem with Louie Ck and Ricky Gervais for “speaking out” how ironic. what a guilt ridden loser.

  • Jason

    he stammers in almost every sentence,very hard to listen to.

  • Kevin Huff

    Andy Kindler is an absolute unfunny and hacky zilch.

  • BrookaPea

    I’m happy to hear he isn’t doing well financially. Certainly not shocked, given the lack of laughs in this abortion of an hour. Hopefully he dies of the worst kind of cancer.

  • Radinov

    Listened to the Anthony portion out of curiosity as it’s popped up on twitter. Not really sure why he went into that, to be honest, and I’m not sure that it amounted to anything. Stammer-shouting that someone’s an unfunny racist…okay? Thanks?

  • Hen

    This guy’s schtick is to pander to the fringe left in a desperate attempt to carve out a tiny niche for himself among other entertainers and insecures douches. He called Carolla a Nazi too.

  • BlahBlah

    Just thought I’d put it out there that Mr. Kindler is of the same tribe that is behind the firing of Mr. Cumia.

    • BrookaPea

      Obviously. Repulsive individual.

  • Devsfan

    Ugh this guy is a giant hack. Someone please run him over with a bus before he has a chance to waste anymore mic time in place of someone funny.

  • Fye Vinchtaint

    What an unfunny, hacky bore. Die in a fire, or get another profession.

  • Pale Pen15

    What a completely guilty pandering tool this guy is

  • Devsfan

    I don’t know who this guy and I’m not sure why he was talking about comedy. He didn’t say one thing the entire time that was funny.

    • OGIS

      So why did you run away like a little girl from the conversation about La Raza. You said that all the illegals should get bullets to the back of the head. I then asked you if that included the kids, and you said yes. Then I asked you if it included babies, and you said yes. Then I asked you who you would do first if confronted by a scary horrible Mexican mother nursing a baby…. and you ran away like a little girl. Dude, don’t you have the courage of your convictions? Are you just a Sunshine Patriot? Sounds like it.

  • @dougrentz

    do not understand how @AndyKindler ; as un-funny as HE is can stand in judgment of his peers all of witch do better than him! #Gross

  • rob28

    I get it. He’s supposed to be so bad that he’s good? Craig Ferguson joke was a home run. I didn’t know he was on either. Boooo

  • jack taint

    this guy is a piece of S

  • James Brown

    What the hell did he tweet that was racist? He was assaulted and called her an animal. BFD and his argument is null and void when he reads the tweets and there is no racism in them. He is giving his opinion not showing any proof of his necessity to be fired.

  • Ron Bennington

    Sounds bitter. Does anyone actually find this guy funny?

    • E Lary

      According to the room full of hardcore comedy heads at his latest Chicago show, yes.
      His particular brand of brilliance will probably never become mainstream (I’m not counting Letterman appearances) as he definitely plays to other comics and most people are not comics.

      • robowop

        Yea his brilliance…hardcore comedy heads. He’s called a nerd and real comics don’t appreciate passive aggressive poofs who depend on a herd of pc backpatters to stand up. Throwing Ant under the bus is punishable by death from a thousand urine stains.

      • Jay G

        They are so shelled-shocked in Chicago, they think anything is funny apparently.

  • Boo Bird


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