Last Comic Standing winner is Rod Man!

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Rod Man wins Last Comic StandingAfter 13 emotional and action packed episodes of Last Comic Standing, comedians Lachlan Patterson, Rod Man and Nikki Carr were left to battle it out for the title of Last Comic Standing, $250,000, an NBC talent deal and a half-hour scripted development deal with Universal Television. In the end, judges Roseanne Barr, Russell Peters and Keenen Ivory Wayans decided Rod Man was the best rising comedian in the United States.

“All three of you gave America three different perspectives on how to watch comedy,” Peters said moments before the winner was announced. “And that’s what makes people watch it. And it’s people like you that make people who aren’t comedy fans become comedy fans.”

The current season of Last Comic Standing, hosted by JB Smoove, started on May 22 with 100 comedians from around the country. And we got to see special guest comedians like Amy Schumer, Howie Mandel, Gilbert Gottfried, Jay Leno and more help out the comedians along the way. In the beginning, those comedians were vying for one of the top 20 spots. Those 20 competed in a semi-final round. The 10 comics who survived the semi-finals then had to compete in a series of challenges ranging from sketch comedy, improv and, of course, stand-up. Those 10 comedians were Jimmy Shubert, Aida Rodriguez, DC Benny, Monroe Martin, Karlous Miller, Rocky LaPorte, Joe Machi, Lachlan Patterson, Rod Man and Nikki Carr. Shubert and Rodriguez were voted off in week seven, while Benny was voted off in week eight. Miller, LaPorte and Machi followed in weeks nine, 10 and 11, respectively. Which left Patterson, Carr and Rod Man to battle it out for the title on tonight’s Last Comic Standing finale.

Of course, there could only be one Last Comic Standing. And that one comic is Los Angeles based Rod Man, a family man from Villa Rica, GA who married his high school sweetheart 13 years ago. The good news for the rest of the Last Comic Standing finalists is that they’ll be heading out on a 51-show national live tour starting Sept. 16 in Tucson, AZ and ending Nov. 22 in Los Angeles. Some other good news is that Last Comic Standing has already been renewed for a ninth season! Wanda Sykes will return as the show’s executive producer.

Check out some Rod Man!

Check out some Nikki Carr!

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  • StupidShouldCausePain

    Patterson was PUSHED through every episode for one thing: His looks.
    He’s just a slightly, very slightly more snarky rip on Seinfeld’s schtick.
    Joe got robbed.
    In fact, if you could do a “Face Off” style physiognomy switch?
    Joe would have won and Patterson wouldn’t have made it to the semi’s.
    Straight up.
    I could see the execs looking at Joe and having shivers and fits remembering Andy Kaufman and how hard he was to reign in and pigeon hole for the sheeple masses who consume sitcom drivel like 2 1/2 men.
    Patterson is MADE for that kind of dreck.

  • Guest

    Wow, I could not believe they gave it to Rod Man. I never even cracked a smile through his boring sets. Corn? Who even knew he was talking about corn, he just natters on and on about nothing even interesting, and has no charisma or intelligence at all
    . Lachlan and Nikki made me laugh out loud over and over again. Clearly the show was rigged. Shame on you Roseanne!

  • Jeff Gabbard

    Reading all of these comments you can really see how subjective comedy is. What one person hates, someone else loves.
    I loved Rodman and was happy he won. I agree though, that he was pretty much a one trick pony, but what a great trick!
    I also loved Joe. I think he had one bad set and that was all it took to get him voted out. He’s really young though and I’m sure he’ll have a great career.
    Lachjaw really didn’t do much for me. His style was very good, but the jokes just weren’t that funny to me.
    I think Nikki would be fantastic on a sitcom. She is a perfect “character”.
    I think Keenan Ivory Wayan’s feedback was usually the most honest and helpful.

  • Ellen Davis


  • Connie Byard Hindmarsh

    I enjoyed the series and looked forward to each and every episode. I was impressed with the judges. Roseanne looked prettier that I had ever seen her.

  • Connie Byard Hindmarsh

    I picked Rod Man as the funniest comic on the very first episode. I liked Nikki Carr very much. I wasn’t a fan of Patterson but he did very well.

  • Phillynomics

    Rod man and Joe Machi were the best, and I’m happy one of them won. Wished the final had been just those two battling it out.


    Rod man WAS NOT FUNNY and should not have made it that far. Joe machi should have had his spot. Lachlan Patterson got robbed of his title and should have won the finale. Im disgusted that Rod man was even considered a comic. Im embarrassed to be a fan of last comic standing after that horrible ending.

  • Randee Mayo

    JB Smoove is annoying! Congrats Rod Man you are hilarious. I’m glad for your wife and kid and yo momma. Don’t you loan yo mamma any money just give her a big chuck…lol I was pulling for you or Joe Machi It was a hard decision, they all have their fans.

  • Billy Bob Saget

    Rod Man is the first person to win Last Comic Standing without telling a single joke. Yes, receipts are long. HAHAHA. Lowest common denominator pandering.

    • Albury Smith

      Rod Man was the best of the very talented final three on Last Comic Standing; his win was well deserved. I thought Joe Machi was second best, but the judges apparently didn’t agree. Those are the two that I’d definitely pay to see.

      • Billy Bob Saget

        Where, exactly, is his talent? He doesn’t write jokes. He rambles through basic observations that have no punch lines. It’s not next-level. It’s sub-basement. But I think Rod is really smart and can do better. Nikki is not and can’t. I don’t really think comedy is subjective. There’s good taste and bad. You have a right to have bad taste. So do I. That’s why I was watching Last Comic Standing. Patterson and Machi all the way.

        • Albury Smith

          There’s something just naturally appealing and funny about Rod Man. All of the final 4 were hilarious, as were the judges’ sets on the final night, but the one I see as a lasting celeb in the show biz world is Rod Man. My second pick was Joe Machi; I thought Patterson would be the 1st out when it got down to 3. He really stepped it up the final night though, but the “with yo’ fine ass!” line was amateurish and gimmicky.
          I thought there was some really great talent all the way through, and will certainly watch next season. The only real dud was the one Roseann told to go f**k himself.

  • Me

    Roseann wanted RodMan. They shouldn’t even have bothered to have had the last night. Since RodMan bombed his first set, he should have been out. Then you even heard Roseann making comments that he someone should have been judged for the whole season. The guys knew RodMan should have been out, but Roseann won. I won’t watch the show again.

    • Albury Smith

      Rod Man won because he was the best.

  • Chad Ratzloff

    WOW!!! Last night sucked!!!!! I turned the tv off and threw the remote!!! Rod Man is only a confused person who smokes to much weed! Not funny!!!!!! Won’t watch next season for sure! Good job again NBC for screwing up another show!

  • David

    So here’s the real deal. Keenen just didn’t want Joe to go up against Rod Man in the finale. Joe got stronger and stronger as the show went on. In the end, he was the absolute funniest. Throughout the series, he had to come up with the most material, and he ALWAYS nailed it. It was crap that he didn’t stay. Demographics. They needed a woman. Helps that she was gay. They needed a black guy. And they needed a white guy. Keenen simply pushed the funniest white guy (Joe Machi) out so as to make sure Rod would win. Neither Lachlan nor Niiki were close to being good enough to win the season. In fact Rocky was funnier than either of them by far. And they pushed him out earlier to allow Rod to take it as well. Nikki was NEVER funny. The finale should have been Rocky, Joe, and Rod. This was bullcrap. I refused to watch the finale in protest. Bullcrap.

    • David

      And I FIRMLY believe that if the viewers had the opportunity to vote, everything would have unfolded much differently. By preventing the viewers from voting, it allows the producers to manipulate the entire thing. They know before they go in what kind of talent they are looking to do the big deal with in the end, and if they leave it to the viewers to choose, they don’t get the person they wanted for their big tv show deal.

    • Ari Bene

      I agree whole heartedly with BOTH comments. Rod Man and his stuttering just grated on my nerves. And by the season finale, I found myself doing other things while he performed his set. The whole “uh, uh, uh” thing seriously took away from him being able to execute his jokes well, so I could never fully get that many laughs from him by the end.

  • GeorgeofTGN

    To everyone who has posted here saying Rod Man doesn’t deserve this or whatever other nonsense you are spouting think again.

    He just performed on the Tonight Show.

    He closed with Rest In Peace Robin Williams.


  • GeorgeofTGN

    First of all it was 12 episodes not 13.

    Second of all I don’t think there was a single comic that gave a better performance tonight over the other. They were all great.

    Both Nikki Carr and Lachlan Patterson (So you want Lachlan to win but won’t even spell his name right Tim?) I thought were funny but they really weren’t on my radar to win. From the very beginning after watching everyone in those first few episodes I thought either Rod Man or Joe Machi was going to win. As the series progressed both Nikki and Lachlan kept improving and impressing me more and more.

    They are going to be fine there is no doubt. As every judge said every time Nikki lights up the room when she walks in.

    Lachlan DEFINITELY deserves most improved in the entire competition.

    You heard them say it before their break.

    “We need to look at the overall performance throughout the competition.

    Whether you liked him or not his audience did. Rod Man never had a bad set and he won several eliminations so the judge’s when you put it in retrospect made the right choice.

    Were I one of those comics I would invite the other two on to be guest stars on my show expect Rod Man to do the same.

    Another one I thought had a good chance of winning was Monroe Martin I really thought from the very beginning either Rod Man, Joe Machi or Monroe Martin was going to win.

    I thought Karlous had one really funny joke in his opening act and was least consistent his spot should of gone to Alingon Mitra. I think Mitra screwed himself over by not bringing his best material to the opening. Exactly like Roseanne said. Rocky was great too this wasn’t the usual season almost every comic had some great material they were all handpicked to audition it wasn’t an open call this time around.

    Rod Man won fair and square The grocery store the carpool lane? If you don’t find those funny something is missing in your sense of humor.

    • dylan

      it was 13 episodes– 14 if you count the mid-season ‘top 100 jokes’ compilation episode. check your facts before calling me out or calling out other readers on name spellings.

  • Rodman

    The wayans bros are has beens and never was.

    • GeorgeofTGN

      Well your troll acct has no creativity behind it aren’t you a special ignorant misinformed little fool.

    • Albury Smith

      Keenan’s stand-up routine the other night was hilarious.

  • and uhhhh

    And aaa and aaaa and aaaa and aaaaa and aaaa and aaaa and aaa

  • Bart Phart

    this is a terrible show with terrible comedy. nbc is a dinosaur and these comedians have been doing the same tired jokes for decades. BUT I’M GOING TO SEE ROD MAN AT A GIGGLEBARFS IN ROCKFORD ILLINOIS ON MAY 14TH 2020. kill yourself

  • Catherine Patten

    for those of you bitching about Rod Man – u are all deaf. He was the best, Nikki Carr also a winna. Patterson sucked – I guess they needed a token white guy. LOL – Yay the best comic won – Rod Man is a riot. I don’t care what anyone else thinks…

    • Ibexfather

      Then don’t comment

    • Bart Phart

      last comic standing still being on the air is the worst part of all this

      also, you’re a racist, they all sucked

    • Catherine trashes everyone

      Catherine, just because you can read close captions doesn’t not give you the right to have an opinion. CLEARLY… you have hearing issues.

  • Larry Sullivan

    THEY ABSOLUTELY GOT IT RIGHT! … Rod Man was the funniest comedian throughout the entirety of the competition. … In fact, he was the FUNNIESTcomedian during three consecutive elimination rounds. … Lachlin Patterson had the best sets during The Finals, but it was a case of “Too little, too late.” … Nikki Carr’s Final sets showed me that she is a “One-trick pony,” whose entire perspective is one of CONSTANT self-deprecation, which got old last night. … The TOP TEN COMEDIANS who made it to the semifinals will draw MUCH BIGGER crowds at their shows. Lachlan Patterson, Joe Machi, and Jimmy Shubert will benefit from this WAYYYY MORE than Rod Man ever will.

    • bmf09598

      Rod Man got $250,000 so I’m not so sure about that, but the overall premise of your post is good. Because of this show, I will be looking for shows the next time Jimmy Shubert, DC Benny, Rocky Laporte, Monroe Martin, Joe Machi, Rod Man, and Mike Gafney will be near me. They definitely helped themselves a lot.

    • fixed

      Maybe my hearing is failing me but going by the loud laughter of the audience at the great sets by Joe Mackey and Lachlan Patterson,that alone would give one the impression that something was amiss here. So i consulted a good friend of mine in show business and he told me thats how networks , promotors etc operate in hollywood .They insist on their guy winning. The confused deliberations by the judges now make sense to me. Ive watched comedy for the last 60 years which prompts to never watch Last Comic Standing again.fixed

  • Carl

    Joe M. or the indian guy who was voted back off the internet were far funnier than any of the final 3. Rod Man was simply annoying with his repeating himself constantly. Nikki was simply awful with her bulging eyes and non-jokes. Not sure what the judges premise was but it certainly wasn’t to pick the funniest.

    • GeorgeofTGN

      Alingon Mitra DEFINITELY should have made the finals the reason he didn’t was that he didn’t bring his best stuff. The competition worked differently this time around. All the comics there were invited. The producers of the show had seen their material beforehand. Alingon Mitra is a VERY funny comic and has won many competitions. He did not bring his best stuff to the round to get into the finals. This is the only reason he didn’t make it through. If there isn’t some kind of rule about not being able to compete again don’t be surprised if he competes again in a year or two and wins the whole thing. I love stand up comedy and I want to do it myself but have never worked up the courage to give it a try. His Katy Perry joke is one of the funniest things I have ever seen and I mean in general out of every set.

      He did not bring his best material or he would of got in easily. May have even been the favorite to win it all. The jokes he told weren’t on the level of the Katy Perry joke.

      Now having said that I think everyone in the Top 10 deserved to be there except for Karlous Miller. I am not saying I don’t think he was funny but he had some really great jokes to get up to the finals and then had NOTHING left in the tank. I didn’t laugh a single other time on his set when he got in top 10. His spot should of gone to Mitra but Mitra’s material would have to have been better than it was for that to be possible.

      Rod Man, Joe Machi, Monroe Martin were my favorites to win. I also thought Rocky LaPorte was hilarious but that this being a reality show competition he had no chance of winning.

      I thought Jimmy Shubert was a funny guy but a difficult to work with control freak once you saw him on that first episode. Aida may have squeaked by as well. She got in with the “diversity” clause. There were much funnier women than her though. Not that she wasn’t funny just that there were far funnier. The girl who said excuse me what do you do for a living TELL IT TO MY BALLS was really funny. Then in the semi final set she decided to do a parody song. That was incredibly risky if she had done regular standup she probably would of got in but you notice NO ONE else did that. you really only want to do that if you have an established routine. If she had done a regular set and it was as good as before she probably would of got in.

  • Sid Bell

    What a rip! Rodman???? REALLY??? Patterson and Carr were both better! I’m never watching this show again, if that’s what they think… BAD JUDGEMENT ON ALL THE JUDGES!!

    • bmf09598

      There’s probably about 5 people that agree with you that Carr was better. She was horrible. The same joke over and over again….”I never wanted to be lesbian…” “There were signs all over that I was ugly…..” “Why would you throw out the chicken when I’ll eat it.” Fat jokes, ugly jokes, lesbian jokes. At least Rod Man showed versatility and made freaking babies on a plane hilarious.

      I do agree with others that America should get to vote. I think that would have led to Machi winning, but Rod Man certainly would have faced him in the finals because Carr and Patterson were horrible up until last night.

  • Jim Davis

    Nikki Carr was horrible, just glad she didn’t win. Not sure how she even got on the show to begin with.

    • Catherine Patten

      hahaha – you are a total moron. !!!!

      • Bart Phart

        nikki carr was a terrible hack who relied strictly on punchline tells like leaning into the audience and opening her eyes really wide. nothing is hackier than singing during your set, and she did that. she relied on rehashed predictable stereotypes.

    • GeorgeofTGN

      are you sure your last name isn’t Crow? She was great. She wasn’t even on my radar to begin with and she continued to get better and show more and more range. Expect to see her on an abundance of guest roles in shows and movies now I would assume.

  • RAAF

    The two funniest comics, Joe Machi and Rocky LaPorte were eliminated – the judging was weak overall through the season, and probably colored, or scripted, by the producers…. let america vote for who’s the funniest, and leave the judges to give their views and add their insights, but not make the decision.

  • Jenn Jones

    You know, I rarely read posts and have never posted myself because some of the comments you see are so sad and pathetic. So if things don’t go according to someone’s “plan”, the show is automatically fixed??? How about, the “professionals” had a difference of opinion? I mean, entertainment is subjective, isn’t it? You like what you like, and I like what I like. Can’t it just be that? That’s why they make vanilla and chocolate. Can people not just express disappointment that their person wasn’t chosen and leave it at that? I thought they were ALL good — all top 10 actually.

  • Jenn Jones

    soooooo excited he won!!! I loved Rod Man from the first time I saw him. Liked him so much I went looking for videos of him. THEY ABSOLUTELY GOT IT RIGHT!!!!!

  • Coryrox

    Terrible choice for winner. I can’t believe the judges didn’t tell him to work on the “uh uh uh” thing. Dude couldn’t complete a sentence without that. It was distracting and took away from his performance.

    • bmf09598

      So what’s better……saying “uh, uh, uh” on stage or forgetting your jokes? Because they didn’t show it on TV but Nikki forgot a few of her jokes in one of her sets and actually said “Oh, I forgot my joke.”

    • GeorgeofTGN

      (Facepalm) That was part of his bit. A man “confused about the world” The uh uh uh is a part of the entire thing. When I first saw him I thought he might of had some kind of disability but he never said that in any interviews only when on stage. It is part of the act.

      It is supposed to catch you off guard. “The ignorant mans insightful view of the world as he looks at the same thing any of us does but sees and tells it differently.

      Rod Man was never not funny I don’t know what you are smoking. He definitely had better set’s than others. This was not his best set and it wasn’t his worst he was most consistent. Rod Man, Joe Machi, Monroe Martin. Those were the three I pegged to win it from their first appearance.

      Joe Machi with his password joke (No idea why they thought the breadstick joke was funnier it was funny but not funnier than that one. Rod Man Grocery store and Carpool both some of the best in the entire competition. Also won the most challenges.

      Nikki and Lachlan both came out of nowhere and continued to improve and impress me. Nikki can and will be cast on probably everything now in guest roles. Lachlan went from a 6 to a 9 as a comic just by being a part of the competition.

      Once Monroe was eliminated I was adamant that it was going to be Rod Man or Joe but also that Nikki would as long as she did well would definitely make top 3 for many reasons (She deserved it too she was great!)

      I really suspected Lachlan would be eliminated over Joe but he had that one really great set that night so he barely sneaked past him. Joe and Rod Man were by favorite in the entire show everyone deserved their spot in the top 10 except for Karlous. He had one really funny joke and then it just stagnated. Alingon Mitra should have got that spot I think.

      • gatrics perine

        Agreed! And on Lachlan being eliminated over Joe, I strongly thought that Joe would win over him!

  • Don WE

    While Lachlan was the clear winner, the inept judges didn’t do Rod Man any favors. His trip to “has-been” land will now be a media event while Lachlan will likely enjoy a decent career. Joe Machi is of course the real winner and NBC couldn’t have done a better job finding judges that have a more distorted view of their own industry and rotten taste in comedy. Rod Man has a knack for dissertation that quickly grows old and uninteresting not too mention catastrophically unfunny. Not comprehending the most talent in a talent competition is a new standard set by these judges. Uh, well, uh, uh, y’know, uh, pathetic!

    • sevans77

      Very disappointed in the final pick as well. Rod Man may have had a rare moment or 2, but did not deserve to even be in the top 10. Overall, he was nowhere near as funny as Lachlan and many of the others. He had the weakest sets of the final and won? I though it was a joke! Why wasn’t the audience involved in the voting? …Because then the producers could not get who they wanted. After last weeks episode, Joe Machi got the most laughs but was eliminated anyway. So, yes the judges proved they are inept. In the end we discover some really gifted talent and will support them. As for Rod Man, I wouldn’t waste my time on him as he will surely fade out of the spotlight. Another disappointing waste of time…………

  • Amoeba I’m Amazed

    Last Comic Standing all season was pretty much the Joe Machi show. The other contestants were really good, but Joe consistently proved himself to be leaps and bounds ahead of the entire pack. It almost seems like NBC booted Joe when they did to ensure he didn’t outshine Rod Man on the finale – who they banked on as the safest choice to develop a TV show with, where as Machi is a bit of a wild card because of his unusual persona.

  • MeVado

    Rodman won because of his consistency since show began and Laughlin had a better set but was not mind blowing…also depending on your background you might not identify with jokes of a comic…. Most blacks will think Laughlin was boring because they will not that cultural ID And vice versa with whites on Rodmans jokes. With that said rodman’s earlier sets seem to appeal to both and you could tell by audience reaction to his past sets with almost a standing ovation.

    • joy karen

      “most blacks do not have that cultural ID to find Lachlan Peterson funny…” are you kidding? Lachlan was very funny in a lot of his sets. I still love his “annoying waiters” joke
      “what can I get you?– the hell out of my way.” I am black so I guess i was not supposed to understand Lachlan. but although lachlan had a lot going for him, he was NOT the funniest. So, Lachlan did NOT win. we MUST get over it. But his career is set because he has movie star looks, will probably be cast in a sitcom immediately and will definitely be an asset to tv shows and possible movies. joe machi is VERY, VERY funny so i was disappointed that HE was eliminated last week and nikki carr and lachlan were not. at that particular time, each of their sets were weak while joe machi was very good. but although i was extremely disappointed by the elimination of joe machi, i still always knew that RODMAN had the timing, delivery and ability to make a person laugh so that he would end up as the last comic standing.

      • gatrics perine

        Agree with you TOTALLY!!!

    • gatrics perine

      Smartest comment on this thread!! But I’ve ALWAYS! been a fan of Rod Man though, I too thought Joe Machi should’ve been in the finals, these two were consistent throughout the entire season.

  • laughing in Boston

    So, I am slightly disappointed, but not surprised with Rodman winning.

  • laughing in Boston

    I kept analyzing the top 4 in terms of who is versatile enough to build a tv show around–this isn’t just about doing great sets. They all killed it for doing sets…but Lachlan is the most versatile and shows more range of clever joke style.( Well, so does Joe Machi)…Rod Man is very good, but mostly sings one note…not sure a whole show can be built around him. Nikki will be cast as the outspoken neighbor or friend many times over….. And Joe Machi will outlast them all in the real world of comedy writing..He is a top notch writer.

  • Latte Da

    Can’t believe Rod Man even made it into the top 10

    • bmf09598

      Nikki Carr was horrible all season long.

  • Booo

    I didn’t find Rodman funny at all. The judges had his balls on their chins all season. I could have told you he was gonna win after week 2 or 3 as much as the judges were on his dick.

    • Catherine Patten

      HAHAHAAHA racist…

      • Bart Phart

        where was the racism? point out the exact words.

  • Alex Bell

    I don’t get it. Rod Man should have been eliminated last week! Hard to watch his sets.

    • bmf09598

      He had the best set by far last week. Joe’s was close, but he was far better than Nikki and Lachlan last week.

  • Jason Bau

    Well, that’s proof enough to me that this show was rigged from the beginning…

    • bmf09598

      Nikki winning the show would have showed it being rigged. Rod Man was by far the funniest throughout the whole season. Not even close.

  • Kevin McIntyre

    Far and away the funniest comic this season. This one they got right! Well done Rod Man!

    • jrod

      Yes Kevin! He was the funniest!

    • and uhhhh

      Wrong, Joe Machi was the funniest and the pussy comics that voted against him were hoping he ran out of material.

      • GeorgeofTGN

        Rod Man, Joe Machi and Monroe Martin are the ones I felt had the best chance from the very beginning of the competition. Joe wasn’t robbed at all he did start to run out of steam. He also eliminated one of the other great ones Monroe Martin and by a hair’s breadth that is an achievement in it’s self.

        This is a competition they played it as such. Were I in the competition I would of done the same thing. Not that I am anywhere near as funny as them. It makes sense what they did. If you don’t think you are as funny as someone else you do everything you can to try and get them out before it is just you and them remaining.

  • MC

    Lacklin P was robbed!

    • Carolyn Gray

      He was great – I fully expect to see him cast in a sit com or comedy movie etc.

    • bmf09598

      Eh I think he waited too long. Throughout the whole season, Rod Man has been funny. The last couple of sets for Lachlan left a lot to be desired. He killed it last night, but judging the winner should be more about the full season than about the one set. He definitely stepped it up though

    • GeorgeofTGN

      I love how many of you are yelling about how Lacklin was robbed but can’t even spell the name right. Lachlan Peterson. All 3 of them were phenomenal Rod Man won it due to consistency he never had a bad set. Today was not his best one but he never had a bad one. That is why he won.

      • Zach

        Lol. You spelled “Lachlan Patterson “incorrectly, as well.

        • GeorgeofTGN

          Wow you are right. He should do a joke about how often his name is misspelled. Not often I misspell much of anything but you indeed have me there.

  • Tim Falkenmyer

    Are you kidding me !!!
    Rod Man was more annoying than funny !
    Lacklin Patterson was clearly the winner !
    Obviously the show is a hoax !

    • Carolyn Gray

      It was a tie to me – liked both equally for different reasons… also JOE MACHI!!

    • Linda S

      Patterson and Carr were both better! I had a sinking feeling they were going to pick that overrated, BORING Rod Man (even the name is lame).

      • Bmf09598

        Nikki was horrible the whole season. Did she ever tell a joke that wasn’t about her being fat and ugly? It gets so old after a while and was never funny.

        • Catherine Patten

          seriously? must be a racist.

        • Joseph Haas

          I agree. So glad Rod Man won. He and Lachlan should have been the final two. Nikki Carr just seemed to keep advancing on pity votes – there were so many better comics in the competition than her. I don’t think she made me laugh once. Rod Man and Lachlan Patterson both made me laugh consistently

    • DCHeatFan

      I thought Lachlan had the better performances of the finals night but Rod Man was the most consistently funny comedian! Congrats to Rod Man!

      • GeorgeofTGN

        I agree with you 100% he was the most consistent. I would give Lachlan most improved in a heartbeat and would give Nikki best Charisma they are both going to be just fine. Monroe and Joe had a great chance as well from when I first saw them. I thought it was Rod Man Monroe Martin or Joe Machi that was going to take it all.

    • mimi

      u must be retarded to think lacklin was funny he should not have even make the top 3 rod man earned it very funny guy

      • GeorgeofTGN

        Lachlan squeaked into the semi finals but from that point he just kept improving more and more with each set. His first final set was amazing second was good too. Rod Man was most consistent though.

    • Stephen

      So right. Couldn’t even understand half the stuff rod man said and it felt like he was always playing a character, even in interviews after his sets. Patterson was 180 degrees funnier imo

    • StupidShouldCausePain

      If Patterson looked like Joe, the man who SHOULD have won?
      Patterson wouldn’t have cleared Episode 1.
      Full stop.

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