Miss Texas First Pitch Worst Ever? Video Of Monique Evans’ Throw Compared To 50 Cent’s

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Move over 50 Cent; we have a new contender for the worst first pitch ever. Miss Texas Monique Evans embarrassed herself and fellow beauty queens everywhere with her laughable effort before Friday night’s Angels/Rangers game. At least she can take some solace in the fact that she is now Internet famous, as video of her terrible pitch is going viral.

Miss Texas, who wore a crown on her head for her terrible first pitch, tried to toss the ball to the catcher as gracefully as possible. Her windup was actually a thing of beauty, if you ever wanted to see a combination of bowling and dancing. But her actual throw was much less successful, bouncing right in front of the mound and rolling way right of the plate.

Watch Miss Texas Monique Evans throw possibly the worst first pitch ever below.

To her credit, Monique Evans is having fun with her first pitch failure. Miss Texas laughed about her throw as soon as it happened, and she continues to joke about it on her Facebook page. However, Evans is adamant that her first pitch was not the worst ever.

Miss Texas

“They say 50 Cent was the worst 1st pitch ever, but at least I can blame mine on the crown #beautyqueen #ballerinapitcher #betterthan50Cent,” Miss Texas wrote about her infamous throw.

Indeed, many believe 50 Cent’s attempt at a New York Mets game earlier this year was the worst first pitch ever. Like Miss Texas’ attempt, the rapper’s throw was way outside, nearly hitting some cameramen filming his mound debut. Though at least his pitch made stayed in the air a lot longer than Monique Evans’ did.

And, just as Miss Texas did, 50 Cent was able to laugh off his viral video fame. But instead of blaming his headgear for possibly the worst first pitch ever, he claimed a combination of his profession  and his excessive masturbation led to his poor throw.

So do you think Miss Texas Monique Evans or 50 Cent has the worst first pitch ever? Watch the rapper’s attempt below and decide for yourself.

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