Eastern Michigan Football Concrete Wall Video … Eagles Try To Run On Field By Breaking Cinder Blocks With Sledgehammer, Fail Spectacularly

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Eastern Michigan 2

If Eastern Michigan’s pregame introduction is any indication, the Eagles are in for a long football season. For some reason, the squad thought it would be cool to run onto the field by destroying a concrete wall. But it went hilariously wrong.

The Eagles opened up their season on Saturday against Morgan State. So the team set up a brick wall in front of the tunnel and planned to use sledgehammers to destroy it before taking the field.

However, the Eastern Michigan players were no match for this concrete wall. Several players tried to knock it down with one swing of the sledgehammer each, but it barely moved an inch. It took several hacks and kicks for even part of the wall to come down, and eventually the players just gave up and walked around the half-toppled pile of bricks. Unsurprisingly, video of this epic Eagles failure has gone viral.

Watch the Eastern Michigan Eagles try (and fail) to sledgehammer a concrete wall below.

It is unclear exactly what made Eastern Michigan think entering the field through a brick wall would be a good idea. However, it’s possible the move was an homage to the Eagles’ new concrete gray turf.

“Having gray turf, that’s something that no else in the nation has,” said Eastern Michigan offensive lineman Lincoln Hansen, one of the guys trying to break the concrete wall in the video. “It’s unique, and it’s something that puts us on people’s minds.”

And for the moment, it seems this concrete wall failure did not hurt the Eagles’ efforts on the field. Eastern Michigan won its opening game against Morgan State, thanks in part to a missed MSU field goal late in the contest. So who knows? Maybe this sledgehammer stunt brought the squad good luck.

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