A girl’s song about the comedians she loves is about to go viral

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UPDATE: Oct. 17

We just got this new version of “Comedians” from Allie. Check it out and pass it on!


Most young women in America spend their time listening to soulless pop music, watching Jersey Shore and generally not being cool– but then are rewarded for not being cool (aka, being like everyone else) because, well, that’s what mindless, boring people like. And there’s a lot of mindless, boring people out there.

But I’d like to think 20-year-old college student Allie Goertz is not like the others. I’m not sure what kind of music she listens to, but I can tell you she’s a giant comedy nerd. And that’s something you rarely see in a young girl. The proof is in the below song she uploaded this week, in which she name drops a great many of her favorite comedians; among them are Patton Oswalt, Louis C.K. and H. Jon Benjamin. Oswalt, himself, has already given the video a push by tweeting out the link this morning.

“I was spoon fed a lot of my comedic interest by my dad, Allison tells me. “I grew up on old SNL, George Carlin, Dr. Demento, Seinfeld, Woody Allen, and the Marx Brothers. My interest in comedy has only grown through the years since its become more and more accessible.”

Goertz, from Long Beach, CA, explains the song like this in her YouTube post. “This is a poorly recorded video of a song I wrote about a few of many comedic men I admire. My guitar playing is unimpressive and I’m uncomfortable but I hope people get a kick out of it. Warning! Lyrics go a little blue at the end. LOOK OUT!”

Let’s help this tribute to awesome contemporary comedians go viral. Please share it with your friends!

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  • http://twitter.com/ryanfromohio ryan fROMOHIO

    Nice song.

  • http://twitter.com/ryanfromohio ryan fROMOHIO

    Nice song.

  • DCCheesehead

    I think I need to write a song about being in love with HER!!!

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