Amazing new video shows the outing of a joke thief

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“There is only one rule in comedy: You don’t steal jokes.” says Eric Gruber, host of the Mostly Normal Show at the Hollywood Improv Lab. Gruber at his own show outed former comedian Jason Garrett who stole, with no change in phrasing or performance, jokes from late comedian Mitch Mullany.

It’s the only rule that, as a comedian, you absolutely cannot break. There are plenty of rules and guidelines to conform to when you’re a stand-up and making people laugh, but they are broken freely all the time with success. For instance, instead of talking or telling jokes, I saw Tig Notaro last night simply push a stool around the stage and kill.

“Joke thievery,” as Comedy Store regular Ari Shaffir explains, “hinders the art form.” Thus, if a comic is found to be a joke thief, they are blacklisted in a way that few art forms ever observe. Basically, you’re done performing stand-up because no one will give you stage time.

You surely heard when Carlos Mencia was outed as a joke thief. But he had made it so far in stand-up comedy that he still headlines plenty of shows around the country. Rarely does one get to see the true “taking down” of a joke thief and it’s subsequent aftermath– though Joe Rogan famously confronted Mencia and much later Marc Maron got to the heart of the matter on his podcast WTF.

Veteran comics might tell you stories of someone stealing jokes, then consequently be violently beaten at the back of a theater until they’re unconscious. Gruber and his co-host of the Mostly Normal Show, Carlos Herrera took a little bit of a higher road by booking Garrett to perform on their show, then playing clips of the deceased Mullany after Garrett’s set that were exactly, word-for-word, act-out-for-act-out, the same. Gruber and Herrera took a big risk with doing this in front of a live paying audience who were, understandably, became ill at ease.

In the video below, clips of the entire incident are put together along with commentary from touring comedians Eleanor Kerrigan, Mack Lindsay and Earl Skakel. There’s even a bonus video of another comedian, Chris Neff, chasing Garrett down Melrose Ave. in LA calling Garrett a “soulless cunt” while Garrett half-heartedly claims that he wrote with Mullany before he died.

According to a Twitter thread between many of the comedians involved, Jason Garrett, in the aftermath, returned to his “roots as a literary agent” to supposedly dish out revenge if anyone involved had a novel or a manuscript come his way, but that has yet to be seen. What can be assured is that Garrett who regularly performed throughout all the big clubs in LA will never do so again, especially with these videos floating around.

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  • laila55

    Jokes cannot be copyrighted because of the Merger Doctrine (a joke is a merger of an idea and an expression, and Copyright Law can’t give you a monopoly on ideas). That’s why comedians use Social Norms to protect their jokes: collective shaming on the culprit. Now the fun part: according to comedians, you can NEVER steal a joke. Really? Well, this is AGAINST Copyright Law, which allows for fair use. So, let the judge be the judge. The comedians’ ancient social norms are WRONG and stifle fair creativity.

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  • KipArmadillo

    For those who think Neff went overboard during this confrontation, listen closely to some of what Garrett says to him. This video REALLY should have been SUBTITLED to definitively etch in stone just how much of a soulless c*nt he truly is.

    At 0:13 – Garrett takes a personal shot at Neff, saying “You should get your teeth fixed.” And again at 0:16 – “Look at those teeth.”
    At 0:30 – after having walked 50 feet away, Garrett says, “You wanna go?”

    Even AFTER this, after cooler heads have prevailed, Neff is civil enough to actually give the guy a cigarette AND give him a shot to explain himself – yet after making some half-hearted b.s. claim about having written the jokes, he strolls away, still running his yap.

    At 1:48, he rattles off the sophomoric insult “Dude, you don’t have a life” as he – yet again – walks away, building enough distance to drop the condescending “Thanks for the cigarette.”

    And then – the COUP DE GRACE – at 2:05 – when he’s barely in view and barely within earshot – he says something about Neff’s mother.

    Add all of that to the undeniable fact that this guy a joke thief who blatantly and unapologetically rips off a DEAD man’s material – and it’s clear he got off far LIGHTER and EASIER than he should have. He deserves no sympathy. Period.

  • http://punchlinemagazine thebitterlady

    Ive been working on a stand up routine for sometime now.Im scared but also need to tweek and memorize and get it together to go out of town for an open mike.In the mean time Ive heard comedians hit a little close to home on some of my jokes does that mean I should trash that bit? I really hate to because it takes alot of work to come up with something that you feel really good about.Im not being sarcastic.I geuss I just need to get my shit together and do it before someone else does.

  • Andrew Wright

    This creatively-bankrupt joke-thieving fuck is a disgusting excuse for a sub-human. Chris showed some restraint by not beating the shit out of the piece of shit.

    Openly hoping this guy decides to do the whole OJ thing and move out to FL and pursue the Golf, so OJ can do his OJ thing and take this guy’s head off with a fucking 9 iron.

  • Derik Boik

    I wholeheartedly agree that this guy got what he deserved. Comedians should look out for each other, not back stab and steal. And if you are doing a joke that is similar to another comedian’s joke, you might want to think about dropping it because, even if you didn’t steal it, it’s not very original.

    Or, if you really like the joke, and you don’t want to give it up, you should definitely talk to the other comic about it. In fact, a comic came up to me last year and told me that we had a similar joke and we discussed it in a very positive way. I told him my version and then he told me his version. It was basically the same joke except in my version I was the victim whereas in his version he was the offender. Mine included a short act out and his was more of a straight forward one-liner. Then we figured out that I had actually been doing the joke longer and coincidentally we had both done the joke first in Florida (though we both live in NYC) and then we both admitted that the joke works better in the South than it does in NYC because it is, admittedly, a little cheap.

    We had a good talk, found out we had quite a bit in common (which was a factor in us having a similar joke) and decided that since the joke was different enough, we would both keep doing our versions of it unless we were playing the same show.

    So, if that guy couldn’t take responsibility for his actions after being confronted by other comics…again I say, he deserved what happened.

  • Roger Rodd

    A talentless joke thief has been “outed”. A talented comic has a meltdown exceeding anything that I’ve even considered when I’ve walked into the Store and seen a comic doing MY MATERIAL VERBATIM.
    The issue seems to have escaped this thread. NOTHING of any substance has been accomplished, but I’m nauseated at the appearance of solidarity presented by most of the comics who’ve weighed in here. If this same core of talent began a similar viral campaign to stop ALL TV/FILM, closer quality comics from performing for free, or at ANY bringer shows, or in ANY club that hosts those shows, or “pays” this caliber of comics CHUMP CHANGE, and WE ALL DID IT WITHOUT EXCEPTION, THERE is a worthwhile cause.
    NY comics stick together. They tried bringer shows in NY and chump change pay. The top comics UNANIMOUSLY refused to perform, the clubs got the shit reputation and subsequent empty rooms they deserved, and now there are VIRTUALLY NO FREE GIGS IN NY. Why do you think the Laugh Factory tanked so fast in NY? Jamie tried that $25 shit with the NYers and got Laugh Factoried out of town.
    I’ll admit that I have and do all of the above when I’m in this cesspool facade of WHITE CLUB comedy that is LA, with doormen, parking lot attendants, cocktail waitresses with 8 shows experience monopolizing the stage, and the “Lord Of The Flies” clique in the back of the room waiting to perform for each other. Thank God I was wise enough to find a better way to survive and enjoy comedy in this town 15 years ago. I’ve never wasted my time “showcasing” for Mitzi, the Terry Schiavo of comedy, or waited on sidewalks for 14 hours waiting for a 3 min spot to play for the janitor at 12:30 because supposedly, Jamie is going to see the tape. When I get a chance to get in a real show in a mainstream club, my “stage whore” morals kick in and I do exactly what I’ve just ridiculed. I’m NOT going to stand alone, so hear this:
    SHOW ME THIS KIND OF SOLIDARITY AND VIRAL CAMPAIGN TO STOP THE BULLSHIT POLICIES I’VE JUST DESCRIBED AND YOU CAN DEAL ME IN. Short of that, this entire episode was an just an exercise of ego flexing and futility.

  • Earl Skakel

    @Tim..hopefully that’s the plan but I’m sure stealing will still go on but in LA at least people who do it will look over their shoulder before they do it! @Scott..I might agree with some people on the ambush style being somewhat wrong if he hadn’t been warned before several times but he was and to me he sealed his own fate. I think the biggest problem to come from this is the subject of even people who dislike the video agree the thief got what he deserved but don’t like how he got it. It’s like everyone hates a joke thief and what they do but nobody wants to do anything about it and that’s why it’s so rampant!

  • Scott B.

    Earl, you and I are on the same page- he was warned, didn’t heed it, and he got zapped.

  • tim duncan

    People will stop stealing jokes to some degree after seeing this video. END OF STORY!

  • greg

    Good show. I say keep humiliating them, maybe that’ll make these kind of people think twice before they start stealing material.

    By the way, if you can’t grasp how wrong it is to steal someone’s material, then you’ve likely never thought of an original idea in your life. You should shut your mouth and let people with knowledge of the artistic process do the talking. The guy got what he deserved.

  • Johnny O

    I’ve have read all the post and I can’t believe that an obvious thing hasn’t been brought up yet. It’s like everybody is focusiing on one thing and not addressing the burning issue. So I’ll say it. Chris Neffs hair looks awesome in that video I mean it puts JerseyShore to shame. What a minute are comics stealing hairstyles? I’m envious cuz I’m bald and fat.

  • JGreen

    Ahem My bad:

    BTW Chris Neff was great! Calling someone a “souless cunt” and hoping they get aids THEN asking him where HE WAS goin after he walked away is hilarious and beautiful…like cartoons.

  • JGreen

    AG, I don’t know what morals you are tryin to blast on everyone but I’m not sure if you should have a computer. I could elaborate but END OF STORY!

    Earl, I feel like no one’s listening(reading) to what you’re saying. I totally get it. What I’m not understanding is that if there’s only one rule that shouldn’t be broken(thievery); Why is everybody bustin’ out all these rules(Mitch’s friends’ consent?, TV comic commentary?)?

    I’m a comedian who performed in a show w/ the thief(March 7th @ the Mezz). And I watched a lotta Mitch Mullany on TV as a youngin'(Black Kid w/o cable), on the Wayans Bros and that other show where he was a teacher. With my profound relation(woop woop) to the situation I must say that it certainly affects “White Mike’s” legacy greatly if people like myself who have never seen his seen his stand up and have seen J. Garrett’s go away thinkin Jason is the mind behind the jokes that should be associated w/ Mitch. END OF STORY(lol)!!!

    BTW Chris Neff was great! Calling someone a “souless cunt” and hoping they get aids THEN asking them where the was goin after the walked away is hilarious and beautiful…like cartoons.

  • Floyd the Barber

    Ooooohhh, Andy, let’s take him into the woods and let Grand Dragon Ernest T. Bass and the boys whip him! Then we’ll get a rope and…..Ooooohhh!

  • Earl Skakel

    Meant to say letting this clown do Mitch’s jokes doesn’t help his legacy either above!

  • Earl Skakel

    AG, I don’t know how you can like the outing of the thief but not like the videos? This person was warned twice in private to stop doing what he was doing 4 months ago by Mitch’s friends and he chose to say fuck it and continue. Like I said in the video, I didn’t know Mitch very well at all but I don’t think letting this clown serves Mitch’s legacy very well either. Ending your opinion with END OF STORY? What are we in the 4th grade? I respect you don’t like the end result of the videos but this guy was given ample opportunity so he in my opinion brought this all on himself. People are asking me who made you guys the comedy police? This is exactly why joke stealing goes on as everyone hates but nobody wants to do anything about it. Unfortunately, this joke thief didn’t have that luxury this time around.

  • AG

    did Mitch’s closest friends make a video? or ask for the video to be made? or done with their consent? the act of outing the thief was right, but the videos were done tastelessly. as someone who had never heard of mitch till this post, this disgusts me. how many countless other people will know Mitch only from the guy who stole from him and the hacks who told the world. its not fair to him or his legacy. END OF STORY.

  • Earl Skakel

    Nicole,the whole public lynching outcry might be valid if nobody went up to this guy in private(2 have and told him in the nicest of ways what he was doing)so outing him in public really was the last option. I think this clip shows the best and worst of comedy. The worst being a guy who allegedly was a friend of the deceased comic STEALING his whole act, I mean these were some of Mitch’s signature bits. The best being a group of comics saying enough and sticking up for someone’s material. None of this is personal on my end as I didn’t even know who the thief was and this wasn’t done for a 15 minute fame spot, I’m just sick of all the stealing that goes on in comedy and if this stops one person from stealing I’m very happy.

  • Earl Skakel

    Just to continue Drew and I don’t think I know you so this isn’t personal but who cares if Ari gets alot of his gigs through Rogan? I mean what does that have to do with anything in regards to this thread? Any comic you see on Comedy Central or late night tv I guarantee you got that gig mainly through one person’s connection or help. In terms of never having played the Bay Area I don’t know what that means either? I mean I’ve played the San Jose Improv 8 times but because you were not there should I feel bad? Because a comic has never been in the same room as you in the Bay Area they are not legit? I might agree with you to some degree about the Comedy Store not being what it used to be but what in comedy is? The talent level on tv now isn’t what it used to be, sitcoms are certainly not what they used to be as well as most other things in comedy.

    I guess my main point bringing it back to Garrett is that he was warned in a very nice way by a very good friend of Mitch’s 4 months ago that he was stealing and he chose to keep doing it so he brought all this on himself. That and he didn’t do himself any favors by treating people like shit at bringer shows he ran.

  • nicole aimee

    let me start by saying, did jason honestly think that people would believe that he had enough game that any black chick would give him the time of day let alone a place to park his dick?

    what jason did was wrong. he stole jokes from a dead guy. VERY VERY VERY uncool, unethical and had the material been copy-written, illegal.

    with that said, i still found the “public lynching” of a joke thief to be disconcerting. was justice served? yes. was it done with the purest intention of serving justice? no. had it been done with the sole purpose of righting a wrong there would be no celebratory video to accumulate views and comments on youtube. i’m sure people will say, “well the video will serve as a warning to others who steal jokes.” maybe so, but is that REALLY the whole reason why the video was made? this feels like more of a spectacle than a proper dose of teaching someone a lesson. let’s be honest here for a second, everyone these days is so hungry to get ahead that no one is considering the guy next to him and the fact that he is also a human being. the guys who made the video (love you guys so don’t take this personally as it’s just my opinion) used this opportunity to exploit a joke thief just as the joke thief exploited a dead guy for his material. sadly in our youtube voyeuristic world, we’ve made it to over 8000 views and an article on punchline. winning…maybe.

    jason has gone back to being a literary agent which is scary given his propensity for thievery of the written word. hopefully anything that comes across his desk will be registered with the WGA.

  • Earl Skakel

    Drew, let me state that jealous is the last thing I am of Jason Garrett so I’m not sure where that comes from? You seem to have a personal issue with Mack with the crappy side job comment as well? You might need some new comic idols yourself if you consider Comedy Central the end all be all in comedy. I can honestly say that some of the best comics I know have no tv credits due to the political nature of the business right now.

  • Kyle Shire

    To all the people who think this confrontation may have been excessive, or too mean, or too public, let me just say that I see where you’re coming from. But you’re wrong.

    The fact the of the matter is that Jason Garret stole that joke word for word, gesture by gesture, from a man who fucking DIED. This is a whole new level of scum-baggary. You don’t steal jokes. That’s a rule you learn as a comic, and you don’t steal from the dead! That’s a rule you learn as a human being (and from every horror movie made in the 80s).

    Every situation with joke stealing is unique and it sounds like this guy was given ample opportunities to redeem himself. Joke stealing is fairly commonplace. Its happened to me, its happened to friends of mine, and it sucks. Most comics keep their mouths shut, don’t make a big fuss over it, and just kill the bit and make something new. But the fact remains that he stole a joke from, as far as I can see, a far more talented comedian who DIED an UNTIMELY death. When a comedian dies, their material doesn’t go up for auction.

  • Drew S

    Scott B, do YOUR homework.Working at a comedy club(the comedy store, if that can even still be considered a reputable club with all the mediocrity it passed in recent years) to become a regular is hardly something to be proud of. Notice Mack is not a regular at any other club, works a crappy side job, has no representation, and as far as touring goes, he tours pubs(look at his schedule). I’ve heard him do a word for word Hicks joke before. Ari is the only star of the group, very little TV credits all due to Rogan. Nothing major, no comedy central or anything else. Bar comics. I never see them here in the Bay Area either. You need to get some new comedy idols.

  • Ben A

    Bill Hilly is right about the “collective unconscious” thing, the one thing that’s the same about comics is they’re comics, and you don’t become a comic by accident. There’s something similar in the way we all think. I wrote a joke recently that’s so similar to another comic in my city that I’m not sure if I should ever tell it, maybe I should just give it to him, it’s more his style anyway.

    But this? This is stealing, pure and simple. NOTHING is changed about the performance, except perhaps that it’s less funny than the original, he’s half-heartedly phoning the performance in, probably because he knows he’s guilty. The outing could have gone better, but I will remember the name Jason Garrett, and if I ever meet him, I won’t even tell him my name, he might try to steal that too, because his sucks.

    If you steal jokes on purpose, you aren’t confident in your own material. If you’re not confident about it, the audience won’t like it, and it’s only a matter of time before you won’t have to quit, because people will just stop booking you because you’re not funny. Something tells me Jason Garrett won’t have to wait that long. It really is the ONLY rule, other than “be funny.”

  • Bob Crain

    I think that this Jason Garrett incident was well-researched and justified, but I am uncomfortable with so many comics suddenly deciding that they are “the comedy police” and feel the compulsion to out other comics, whether they are right or wrong.

    The main issue I have is that there are a lot of similar topics covered in the medium of stand up for a comic to quickly jump up and yell “THEIF!” when he bears witness to one of these incidents and posts it online without having a private conversation with the comic in question, it has the potential to destroy the career of a well-meaning guy who might have just come across some similar perspectives.

    A few years ago when I first moved to New York, I did a joke, one of my best jokes, which I regularly opened with and was very proud or writing, was thematically very similar to another guy whose act I had never seen and whom I had only once or twice briefly met. That didn’t stop other comics from spreading rumors and accusations about me until the truth came out. This fast moving network of blogs and flip-cams and podcasts have the potential to very quickly damage someone who is just trying to do honest, quality work that they are proud of.

    While this Jason Garret guy is definitely a piece of scum, I wish comics could have a conversation with their peers without having to whip out a video camera or a tape recorder in order to have the guts to say something.

  • Scott B.

    “Bar comics”, Drew? Mack Lindsay is a good comic who tours the country and is a paid regular at the Comedy Store. Ari Shaffir has TV credits and headlines nationally. Do your homework. Oh, and it’s a colossal oversimplification to mistake stylistic similarities within comics for material theft.

  • Scott B.

    Chris, as a fellow comic, I respect and appreciate your candor and passion. Knowing what you just told me (that Jason was previously confronted and warned), I do think it’s justified that he got publicly outed. This jibes with my own personal position- that the offender should be confronted within the community and given a chance to change his ways. Jason had the opportunity to rectify his actions, and continued to use stolen material. Worse, he claimed that he wrote the material.

    Bottom line, he was warned, didn’t listened, and he got what he deserved. In my case, ’nuff said.

  • AG

    I’d say that the clowns in this video are as equally guilty of theft as they stole Mullanys legacy trying to get attention for themselves. Did any of them actually know Mitch or give a shit about him? The confrontation of Garrett should have been done by those close to Mullany. Now Mitch Mullany’s material and legacy will now forever be assosciated with shitty editing, and some hack calling a thief a “souless cunt.” Garrett stole from Mullany at shitty open mics around los angeles. These clowns highjacked his material again for their own purposes first by doing a half ass job blindsiding him in front of an equally blindsided audience, then publishing a half-assed video to youtube. “I hope you die of aids”? what a showboating hack! Garrett got what he deserved, the question is will Eric Gruber and Chris Neff?

  • Travesty

    I dunno, the second video was a bit excessive, but at the same time, fuck that thief. The only thing that I wish happened, was the guy let him talk a bit more. It seemed like he was about to try and talk, but then got yelled at again.

    Either way, he got what he deserved. I don’t even know if he needed to explain himself, as the evidence is beyond conclusive. He ripped off his material, and he thought he could get away with it, because the comedian died. I just wish they executed the video attack better. It would have been nice if they started playing it before they started talking about Mitch, so that he didn’t really know what was going on, and the audience and the thief would see it for the first time.

  • Drew S

    This was a great way to eliminate one jerk that everyone hated but they could have chosen some better comics to interview. Mack Lindsey? That guy is a rip off artist himself. Ever heard off Bill Hicks? You know he has. And what about the other guys? They aren’t all exactly “original”. Really just a bunch of going nowhere bar comics that were jealous of one guy getting laughs so much they had to band together and make a video instead of letting the natural progression take place, which would have got rid of him anyway.

  • jay davis

    This person (not comedian) that I’ve never even heard of until now will NEVER work an LA stage again!!! I knew Mitch Mullany very well and never once met this scumbag. I’m known as the nicest guy in comedy unless you’re whatever this persons name is.. I will slap his face if I see him in person!

  • horsetooth

    In response to Scott B.

    I think you raise a valid question as far as asking whether or not it’s worth it to possibly destroy another comic’s career by posting content like this on the internet. I originally questioned this as well. The problem is, he’s not a comic. A comic picks up a pen puts it to paper and works. That’s the hard part of being a comic. It’s not easy and for most of us takes years to do. Secondly he had been previously confronted and had been told that he was hacking a well known DEAD comic’s material and then continued to perform the material. In addition, after he was caught, he not only claimed that he wrote the material but he felt “fine” about performing it. In my opinion this is nothing short of sociopathic behavior from someone who doesn’t have a conscience. Regarding my own behavior, I’ll be the first to agree that I could have composed myself in a more dignified matter. I was hot at the time and felt he got off easy slipping out the back door. I’m definitely not proud of the way I acted. However, I have no sympathy for the man. He broke the rule you don’t break. He chose to disrespect the art form. Let him reinvent himself and his career in comedy if it really means anything to him. Personally, I doubt it ever did.

    Chris Neff

  • Earl Skakel

    I think the video was perfectly done to be honest. I mean the video painted him into a corner with no exit and all he could do was walk out in shame which is what should happen to all joke thieves. I disagree that 90% of comics steal, I’d probably say it’s around 20%-30% but the ones who do word for word and motion for motion is probably under 5% as most are not that stupid. People always said that OJ would have gotten convicted if there was video, well this was Jason’s OJ video and he’s done.

  • Adam Holwerda

    What is it with all these dead comics named Mitch? They’re sure making some news this week. I wonder what they think about all of it.

  • Scott B.

    Ugh, my sincerest apologies for the poor grammar.

  • Scott B.

    No one disagrees that what this guy was absolutely terrible (stealing- and from a DEAD guy?). That said, these videos make me a bit queasy. I’m certainly not the only one. As Marc Maron mentioned on his WTF podcast, there was a time when comics dealt with these issues privately, and within the community. I do realize that during the comedy boom, there was a lot of wholesale stealing going on, so perhaps these videos are a reaction to that.
    Just know that with YouTube, you can very easily ruin someone’s life and career. Is it worth it? I’d like to find out what others think.

    Furthermore, videos like these run the risk of coming off as an attention-getting “gotcha” ploy that distracts any real discussion of the issue with the offender. Did anyone think Jason Garrett would behave differently when confronted on video? Of course the guy’s going to punk out and walk to his car.

    Lastly, I’m not sure that Chris Neff- who I like and respect a whole lot- particularly flattered himself in the second video.

    • SNG

      I certainly agree with what you said.  This matter should have been done privately with the necessary reps of the Comedy Store.  Perhaps he should have been suspended, Perhaps he should have been banned for a period of a time.  But a public
      lynching was done more for the benefit of the lynchers.  

  • Josh Homer

    sadly most joke thieves are never punished or even caught. This hack was the exception and unfortunately not the rule.

  • taylor

    run white boy run

  • bobby

    you know that guy is checking out giraldo as we speak

  • joe r

    great idea, horrible horrible execution. these guys had their one time opportunity and fumbled the ball on the one yard line.

    if you’re gonna call a guy out like that then you have to go all the way. you can’t just let him leave so easily. they should’ve followed him all the way to the car.

    that guy in the second video made a fool of himself.

  • bobby

    i highly doubt 90% steal. similar topics are covered yes, but not stolen.

  • BG

    As a comic I can say yes, general premises are often copied or similar. But there is absolutely no denying that he straight up stole that set. He would never be doing that if Mitch was still alive. What a fuckwad.

  • Chris Gehrt

    Nice touch with the “Milli Vanilli” song at the end!

  • bill hilly

    the funny thing is that i bet over 90% of comedians have stolen at least one idea from another comedian. would they ever admit it? hell no.

    • Snp

      You are so right!  Its nice to know that there are people that don’t believe in public lynchings.  Sad!

    • Snp

      You are so right!  Its nice to know that there are people that don’t believe in public lynchings.  Sad!

  • bill hilly

    he would’ve gotten away with it if he wasn’t so lazy and just changed the wording. what a douche.

    i used to work at a comedy club and heard a lot of similar material by a wide variety of comedians, so who’s to say who steals when there’s the collective unconscious. there’s a fine line between stealing and appropriating ideas.

  • Drew Dorenfest

    That show we did at Ice House where we first me was with that guy! I filmed his set for him.

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