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‘Reality Bites Back’ contestant, Kyle Cease answers some questions

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We all know that reality TV shows are not real. They’re elaborate productions with scripts and story lines and cast with non-actors who are usually competing for a prize. When Comedy Central does reality TV however, it’s usually really not real. When I first heard of...

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German comic shatters Chris Rock record

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German comedian Mario Barth shattered Chris Rock’s comedy show attendance record he set in July: Rock played for 15,900 people in London. On Saturday, however, Barth performed for 70,000 comedy fans at Berlin Olympic Stadium. The funny thing about Barth, is that he’s...

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Stand-up comedy around the world: a glance at China’s and Africa’s scenes

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I’m in China for a few weeks, visiting a few different cities. Checking in on the computer early one morning, I decided to dial up No luck. Little did I know, the Chinese government blocked Comedy Central’s site last month, deeming it unsuitable for their...

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Just For Laughs: Montreal's comedy fest in its 26th year

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Just For Laughs in Montreal is where every comedian aspires to perform and where every comedy fan enjoys the fruit of those comics' labor. Last week began the English-speaking portion of Just For Laughs in Montreal, the largest and longest running comedy festival in the world....

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Last Comic Standing, Season 6, Episode 8: live blog

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Video: Colbert makes Daily Show sexy moment #10

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Review: The Gong Show with Dave Attell

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Video interview: A Tight Five with Paul Mecurio

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In our second installment of A Tight Five, Punchline Magazine editor in chief Dylan Gadino chats with comedian Paul Mecurio. Filmed, as always, at Comix comedy club in New York City, Mecurio tells us about the early days of The Daily Show (he's been there since the beginning in...

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Lisa Landry: Put Your Keys in the Keybowl

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Throughout the nearly 40 minutes of comedy on her new album, Put Your Keys in the Keybowl, comedian Lisa Landry creates a place where the concept of femininity doesn’t necessarily adhere to society’s stereotypes about what a female is. It’s a place where the woman -- or at...

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