Best Week Ever is back: Which comedians do you want to see?

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It is the best week ever…because VH1 announced that the hit series Best Week Ever is returning after a three years off air. The show will return to anchor Friday nights on the nostalgic network’s new line-up.

The trailblazing talking head show featured pop culture icons, musicians, and (most importantly, to us) stand-up comedians describing who, what, or which absurd event they thought made that week the best week ever. Many comedians got their first television thanks to the series.

Countless comedians have appeared on the program. No really: countless. Some of those comics: Paul F. Tompkins (who actually hosted the show in its most recent incarnation), Adam Hunter, Doug Benson, Judah Friedlander, Mike Britt, John Mulaney, The Sklar Brothers, Christian Finnegan, Patton Oswalt, Chuck Nice, Ant, Nick Kroll.

If you wondering if Tompkins is returning as host, we can confirm that he is 100 percent not doing that. Stay tuned for updates on the new season of Best Week Ever. And tell us which comedians you’d like to see on the rebooted BWE!

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Billy Procida

Billy is a stand-up comedian in New York City. Every week he sits down with former lovers and special guests to talk about sex, dating, sexuality & gender on The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love. Follow Billy on Twitter: @TheBillyProcida

  • Shameless

    I’d like to see Billy Procida on that show. But mostly just because he has dreamy blue eyes.

  • Pip Torrens

    Rupert Scrivener
    Sue Birtwistle

    Clive Swift

    Ridgewell Hawkes

    Vincent Brimble

    Talfryn Thomas

    Nigel Plaskitt

    Felicity Gibson

    Malcolm Terris

    Royston Farrell

    Prentis Hancock

    Terrance Dicks

    Nigel Humphreys

    Mervyn Pinfield

    Valerie Pye

    Fionnula Tambling-Goggin

    Bryonie Pritchard

    Pat Pennelegion

    Eunice Montjoy

    Antonia Pemberton

    Cedric Kerr

  • Johan

    Pete Holmes
    Hannibal Burress
    Arj Barker
    Todd Glass
    Matt Malanche (lesser known comic in California, but hilarious. Check him on YouTube!)
    Sklar Brothers
    Chris Hardwick
    Doug Stanhope
    Aziz Ansari
    Nick Kroll
    John Mullaney
    Kyle Kinane

  • gauche

    Hannibal Buress
    Todd Glass
    Kurt Metzger
    Jimmy Pardo
    Kyle Kinane
    Pete Holms

  • Match3s B

    Ron Funches

  • Miss JMV

    Pete Lee
    Helen Hong
    Phoebe Robinson
    Abbi Crutchfield
    Sean Donnelly
    Mark Normand
    Al Jackson

  • LT

    nikki glaser and marty derosa

  • Jorge Garrido

    I grew up watching this show, and think they gotta go with the classics:

    Rachael Harris
    Paul F Tompkins (before he took over the show)
    Chuck Nice (before he started going a character)
    Sherrod Small
    Patton Oswalt
    Brian Posehn
    Hal Sparks
    Michael Ian Black
    Doug Benson
    Greg Fitzsimmons
    Christian Finnegan
    John Mulaney
    Paul Scheer
    David Wain
    Miss Info

    And add some new people. Now, is this show New York or LA based?

    Jim Norton
    Bill Burr
    Robert Kelly
    Ardie Fuqua
    Joe Derosa
    Kurt Metzger
    Mike Stoklasa + Jay Bauman (pop culture cred)
    Rich + Bonnie
    Opie & Anthony
    Ron Bennington
    Keith Robinson

  • jessica.

    Rob Delaney, duh.

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