Bo Burnham responds to ‘Zach Stone’ cancellation: I’m the luckiest guy I know

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MTV announced yesterday that it would not renew comedian Bo Burnham’s show Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous for a second season. “We are huge fans of Bo Burnham and the entire creative and talented team behind Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous” the network said in a statement. “After careful consideration of many factors, we have ultimately decided not to move forward with an additional season of the series. We wish Bo, the cast and the entire production crew the very best.”

Read our interview with Burnham from May.

Today Burnham took to his Facebook page and posted his own message, which includes his announcement that he’s working on a book of poems and that Zach Stone may have life in another form– another network, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon perhaps?


As some of you may already know, yesterday MTV decided to not renew “Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous” for a second season. AKA, they canceled it. The three remaining episodes will air this week—the tenth episode will air TONIGHT at 11pm and the final two will air this SATURDAY, back-to-back, also at 11 pm. The cancellation adds a nice bit of poetry to the arc of the final episodes, as Zach finds himself running out of money and possibly losing his beloved cameras (and show) forever.

Though my initial reaction yesterday was disappointment, that feeling was fleeting and soon gave way to thankfulness—thankfulness for being able to have made 12 episodes of television in the first place and a greater thankfulness for having had the opportunity to share them with you. Your response has been amazing and so appreciated.

I don’t have much interest in going into why I think the show didn’t get as many viewers as we would’ve hoped (promotion, re-runs, wouldacouldashoulda). I do, however, want to emphasize what, in my opinion, is NOT a reason for the show’s lack of viewership. I don’t think MTV’s audience is dumb. I don’t think young people in general are dumb or stupid or shallow. I love my generation. I really do. I believe that the “internet generation” (or “cyber generation” if you want to sound even lamer) is very misunderstood and underestimated. What many older people dismiss as my generation’s short attention spans, I see as young people hunger for density, demanding that every second of material that you give them is worthy of their time. This challenge, though daunting, is a good thing. It pushes art forward.

I believe that young people deserve smart and thoughtful material. I hope that we made a show that challenges and respects the sensibilities of young people—and by that virtue, can also be enjoyed by people much older than the typical MTV-er (which I think is me, actually—and also my mom loved the show, SCORE).

So, is Zach Stone over forever? At MTV, I think so. But who knows? When making the show, I had kind of thought/sensed that it may be a one season show (like Lisa Kudrow’s “The Comeback”), so we made sure that this season could stand alone as its own contained thing. But if you guys continue to watch the show and show it to friends, it very well may have a second life somewhere else (and anyway I think the show is re-watchable, eh?).

But anyways, looking forward, I will be releasing a book of poetry and a new stand-up special, in that order, later this year! Woo! I’m very excited to show you all this stuff. In the last three years, I’ve been working on these three projects (Zach, poetry book, special), and I’m very excited to share the latter two with you in the coming months.

If you liked the show, I am sorry that you won’t be getting more of it soon. But please don’t feel sorry for me. I am the luckiest guy that I know. And my experience with “Zach Stone” has only affirmed that belief.

Thank you all so very much.

p.s. excuse the formatting. you can’t indent paragraphs in here. WTF ZUCKERBERG?!

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  • lizard

    I just heard about the show today and I watched every episode. This was truly the best show I have ever watched. Its way better than anything I have watched. Everybody needs to watch this show. There needs to be another season pleease. Everybody tell their friends and family to watch it. Please. I need more of this show in my life.

  • aimee

    This show was awesome one of the funniest things ive seen. I honestly think the show lacked views because of advertising i had trouble finding this show and only just heard about it recently it needs to be re-aired especially since “What” did so well.

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  • trfe

    Great show. Burnham is a class act.

  • Raymond Morales

    This show was hilarious! It had a smart cast with great acting talent. I mean they were all very believable. It really felt like a real reality/Youtube show. Except of course for Zach, because, who in life really has that much character? … cough*Toby Turner*cough… By the way did anyone else realize Biff from “Back to the Future” was the father? Yeah sure Zach was annoying at times and we all thought how can this kid be so idiotic, but at least the show was self aware in its own context. That alone accomplishes more than most other so-called “reality” TV shows on MTV. Who fool its audience to believe their shows are authentic and the real deal. Seriously, those shows are worse than soap operas with their over the top acting and dramatics. I especially loved when Zach was not aware of the cameras snooping on his personal life so that we can see Zachs true character shine without the psuedo persona that he displays for “America”. Remember Bo is playing a kid fresh out of high school dealing with his inner emotions and aspirations. I find that very relatable for myself and i would think most people out there would too. I honestly think though that the ending of the season was satisfactory albeit left on a dark note. Because again these are kids who don’t know what they are getting themselves into. It should not have been said to been cancelled and just said to have ended as the plot permitted. That universe is believable as is and does not need to be added upon. This show is ahead of its time by a year or maybe two and I wish all the best for Bo and the crew who made this show possible.

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  • Christian

    This is so odd to me. I have so much respect for Bo Burnham for being cool about it… but it was honestly the best show on MTV! Im shocked that they would cancel such a good show, and it seems so low-budget too. they couldnt possibly be losing money on it. (but i dont know anything about TV business) anyway, i really hope this show can make a comeback on a different network or even as a netflix exclusive show!

  • jill

    This was one of my favorite shows on TV. I am a 40 year old woman (not the obvious demographic) but I started watching after I read some good reviews. This show was sweet, creative and smart. I hope that someone else picks it up because it would be a shame if it isn’t continued somewhere.

  • TheCureForHope

    I heard about this show for the first time last night and watched the first three episodes on demand. I haven’t laughed out loud watching TV like that in my entire life. Maybe when I watched the first episode of Southpark back when I was in Jr High, but for sure nothing else since. Pretty sad about hearing about the cancellation the same day.

  • RonDiaznCoke


  • tupacisdead7196

    this was the only show I’d ever sit thru on MTV, hmm do they only care about bs scripted-reality shows or something?

  • sewardcat612

    HELP BRING THIS SHOW BACK SOMEHOW!!! And I’m even breaking my rule of no-all caps to prove how much I loved this show. Seriously if you haven’t seen every episode, it rivals Workaholics and Always sunny, even with just one season under it’s belt.
    Imo, the only reason this didn’t get picked up for more is because it wasn’t on FX, were it seems like they will give the show more time to prove it can produce a cult following.(i.e. Always sunny,The League, Wilfred.) Watch his stand up on netflix if you liked the show btw.

    • IsidroRTom

      preach brotha

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