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Bo BurnhamWithout help from a bloodhound or its wizardly digital equivalent, Google, I may have found the sole teenager in America these days who can speak in longhand, not the BTW, OMG! LOL! shorthand prevalent in class, online, everywhere. That said, I must admit this fossil is LMAO while relistening to Bo Burnham, the given name of the wholly hilarious half comic, half musician and also his mock ’n’ roll debut CD, available on March 10.

So much of the album is so politically incorrect it isn’t funny. It’s downright hysterical. Burnham, 18, ought to be taking college courses at New York University; instead he’s touring and satirically tackling some serious subjects, such as racism and white supremacy in the song “Klan Kookout.” (“Don’t hang with foreign fellows, it will be your loss; stay here and burn marshmallows by the burning cross.”)

On his early videos, shot in his bedroom at his childhood home in Hamilton, Mass., and on his CD cover, Burnham resembles a seraphic altar boy more than his deliberately harsh (“If you sing along, I’ll fucking kill you,” he jokingly admonishes the audience at the outset of the CD) rappin’ alter ego, Bo, Fo’ Sho’.

Since launching himself on YouTube and nearly three years ago, Burnham and his career have taken off like a two-stage rocket: soaring from a series of amateur videos originally meant to amuse himself and friends (and eventually more than 10 million viewers) to headlining at theaters and colleges nationwide and on Comedy Central. (His Comedy Central Presents special premieres on March 27.) He spoofs gangsta rappers, his parents, baby Hitler (“The dictator tot”) and relationships (a lot) throughout the 12-song set, but mostly this pun, palindrome and wordplay junkie, an equally witty and wise guy, jabs himself with his own painless needles.

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  • Jon Gilbunny

    This guy is a moron. He makes me want to see puppet acts, jugglers, or guys who smash fruit with large hammers. With any luck he’ll get in a car accident. Until then, all the best Bo.

  • heather

    ohman. Bo is hilarious! The new album should be fantastic! i can’t wait to add it to my comedy collection. Dude is wicked funny!

  • Kaitlyn Fischer

    I cannot wait for Bo’s new cd. It’s going to be hilarious.

  • Amy

    I can’t wait for the album! He is so funny!!

  • Alex

    Potential to be the best album in 2009!

  • Skott

    So when’s this guy gonna get his own comedy show? Damn I can’t wait for that new cd. I”M PUMPED!

  • Justina

    Best thing I’ve seen on YouTube!

  • Monica

    Bo is hilarious! I love this guy.

  • Gary

    Bo is so awesome! I am so excited to hear the new album!

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