Spazzing Out with Christian Finnegan

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Working his comedic mojo on stage, TV and now the big screen, Christian Finnegan gets the last laugh. By Noah Fowle It’s a Friday afternoon and Christian Finnegan is sitting down for a leisurely lunch in New York City before he hits road. His first...

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Greg Giraldo: Born to Mock

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Comedy saved him from the clutches of corporate law. Now, who’s going to save the world from Greg Giraldo? By Dylan P. Gadino Moments before Greg Giraldo arrives on the New York City set of his show, the producers fill no fewer than seven stage monitors...

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Mitch Fatel: The Power of Panties Compels Him

By | December 5, 2005 at 12:06 pm | One comment

The veteran Tonight Show guest's hilarious new album proves his love for women. But at the end of the day, he really just wants to tell jokes -- and see some panties. Mitch Fatel is a tired man, having spent the previous night at his sister's suburban-New York house,...

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Jim Gaffigan:

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A small-town cake-loving boy from Indiana, Jim Gaffigan moved to New York and quickly found success in standup, television and movies. Now, he's on the road and ready for a new Comedy Central special. By Jennifer L.M. Gunn There are a few things you can gather about Jim...

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Patton Oswalt: Getting Busy

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As this King of Queens standout readies his new DVD, P-Oz — that’s what we call him ‘round here — takes a moment to reflect. By Benjamin Cake Like anybody who might have garnered nationwide recognition...

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Dane Cook: All Aboard the Dane Train

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With a gold record in hand, film roles a plenty and a new book, Dane Cook is poised to become this generation's most influential comic. By Dylan P. Gadino There’s a sturdy yet playful register in Dane Cook’s voice as he strides...

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Aziz Ansari: Not so bored anymore

By | November 7, 2005 at 8:16 am | One comment

From Upright Citizens Brigade to VH1 to Premium Blend, this underground comic is speeding toward the surface By Noah Fowle Let's get one thing straight: Aziz Ansari is no longer bored. The clever name for his Web site, azizisbored.com, is just that: a clever name. And...

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Bill Burr: Ready for his closeup, BIATCH!

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After 13 years on the road, the comedian finally hits the big time. By Tasha A. Harris Ever since he debuted on Chappelle's Show last year, Bill Burr has made a few thousand new fans -- and not by being the token white guy on the show but by consistently offering stellar...

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Daniel Tosh: Life in the Tosh Pit

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Beach bum Daniel Tosh drops his first album after 11 years of stand-up. Now will his parents drop him? By Dylan P. Gadino The way he tells it, Daniel Tosh had no future in the real world. He wasn't that bright and showed little motivation. We think he's just being overly...

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