Monday stand-up video: Dana Gould

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I used to love going to my grandma’s house when I was a kid because she had cable. That meant I could hopefully catch Dana Gould making an appearance on Comedy Central’s The...

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Mike Birbiglia debuts first animation

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Mike Birbiglia has just released the first of what may be more animation shorts set to the audio of his previously released album material. To debut the concept, Birbiglia’s “The Old Mill Pond Story” from his 2007 album My Secret Public Journal Live was chosen....

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Rooftop Comedy to award Best Comedy Twitter

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Rooftop Comedy has announced a new award category to be given out at this year’s comedy festival in Aspen. Along with several other prestigious awards, one lucky nominee will be granted the title of the 2009 Best Comedy Twitter. The nominees are: Aziz Ansari -...

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Wednesday stand-up video: Matt Braunger

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Matt Braunger is an excellent comic. Unfortunately, some of his family members don’t think being a stand-up comic is a real...

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Hulu premieres original stand-up comedy

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Hulu has signed a deal with Candor Entertainment to air Stand-Up at CandorTV on its popular online service. The program will start with the launch of six free 15-minute episodes of stand-up comedy, featuring three comics per episode. “This will be the perfect lunch break side...

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Tuesday stand-up video: Kevin Meaney

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One of my all time favorite comics, Kevin Meaney, takes a difficult period of his life and turns it into something funny to entertain a crowd at Comix in NY in the clip below. This is what makes stand-up comedy so...

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Mitch Hedberg jokes still inspiring

By | May 18, 2009 at 12:03 pm | 11 comments

By Mike Blejer To this day, Mitch Hedberg is one of the most imitated comedians around. If you’ve been to more than one open mic you’ve provably seen a comic copying his style of accented, percussive speaking; sometimes good, usually terrible. I know that for my part...

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Punchline Magazine giving away Dane Cook tickets

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You may already know that Dane Cook is in the midst of a very large national arena tour, which he has dubbed the Isolated Incident Global Thermo Comedy Tour. What you may not know is that Punchline Magazine is giving away two pairs of tickets to see his stop at the Staples...

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Monday stand-up video: Louis C.K.

By | May 18, 2009 at 8:00 am | One comment

This is one of my favorite bits on Gay Marriage from Louis...

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