Why does this stand-up video have 4.6 million views?

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We’re not saying it’s bad. But it’s certainly not what we’d call unique or groundbreaking. It’s just, well… who is this...

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Daniel Tosh uses two girls, one cup to his advantage

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Daniel Tosh will premiere his new Comedy Central show Tosh.0 June 4. It’s show that will have our heroic host making fun of viral videos, the Internet and most likely, everything else. Lucky for us, pre-premiere videos are starting to trickle out. Here’s a wee promo...

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Wanda Sykes becomes mother to twins

By | May 15, 2009 at 1:06 pm | 2 comments

Fresh off the heals of her White House Correspondants Dinner controversy, comedian Wanda Sykes has just become a parent. Her wife, Alex gave birth to the couple’s first children, son Lucas Claude and daughter Olivia on April 27. Sykes, who’s been married since 2006,...

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Friday stand-up video: Erika Edwards

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If there’s one thing I have in common with Erika Edwards (and really it probably is only this one thing) its our mutual love for the Lifetime...

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Robin Williams to resume tour after recovering from surgery

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Robin Williams, who recently had heart surgery, has announced his planned return to stand-up comedy. Williams was forced to postpone the second half of his latest national comedy tour earlier this year when his heart problem was discovered. He had surgery in March to replace...

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Marc Maron addresses the Class of 2009

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It’s that time of year again, where colleges across the country are graduating thousands of hopeful, bright, young guys and gals and thrusting them into the workforce. Or, in this economic, climate, perhaps into their parents’ basements as Marc Maron opines below....

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Jimmy Carr may be in trouble with law

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Ever the wiseass, British comedian Jimmy Carr may be in trouble for taking a picture of a sign in a courthouse, which stated that it’s a criminal act to take photos inside the courthouse. Chortle reports that he took the photo yesterday in Suffolk where he was answering to a...

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A new school of thought on teaching stand-up comedy

By | May 14, 2009 at 10:00 am | 9 comments

Can learning how to do stand-up comedy change the way you think or improve your life? Taking a stand up comedy class used to mean learning how to write material, hold the mic, or talk to the audience. Now, because of Kyle Cease’s enthusiasm for neuro-linguistic...

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Thursday stand-up video: Stu Baker

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Who says being old, handicapped, and out of touch with the youth of America is not cool? Case in point, the ever hilarious Stu Baker. Stand Up Comedy - Stu Baker @ ASU Kerr Cultural Center...

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