Jeff Dunham’s “Achmed” routine reaches milestone

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The just-released “100 Million Views Club” rated Jeff Dunham’s famous “Achmed the Dead Terrorist” routine as the fourth-most watched Internet video of all-time, with over 196 million worldwide views. Dunham’s routine is the only stand-up comedy clip in the Top 10 and...

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Aziz Ansari rages war on IMAX

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Last night, Aziz Ansari (stand-up comic, actor, awesome dude) visited a theater near him to catch the new Star Trek movie. Imagine his frustration after dropping the extra $5 for the IMAX experience only to find that the screen is not gigantic or amazing in any way. Instead, he...

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How did we miss Larry the Cable Guy pitching for NutriSystem?

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It happened last year? He lost 50 pounds? He did a commercial with friggin’ Dan Marino. It’s a strange world,...

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Monday stand-up video: Geoff LaFleur

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With all the hype surrounding the new Star Trek movie, I thought it would be awesome to share a hilarious trekky clip for the day. While I couldn’t find one to suit my needs, I did find this great clip from Geoff LaFleur about using the Coinstar machine - which you have to...

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Just because: Uncut Robert Kelly interview

By | May 9, 2009 at 10:49 pm | One comment

If you're here on Punchline Magazine, you may know about our web series, A Tight Five, wherein I interview well-known comedians onstage at Comix comedy club in New York City. Robert Kelly was one of our early victims. Below is the completely uncut version of the interview. There...

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Comedian video interviews for the weekend

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Happy Friday, comedy fans. We thought we’d utilize embeddable code technology today and roll out a few past episodes of our video interview series A Tight Five. We’ve been taking a break from posting new episodes but we promise you that we’ve been shooting. We...

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Classic Steven Wright album to be reissued

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Steven Wright’s classic album I Have A Pony will be reissued in a deluxe anniversary edition. The Grammy-winning, 1985 album cemented Wright’s place in history as a master of dry, one liners and a true comic original. The album will be released by Reprise Records on May 12...

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Aisha Tyler scores talk show pilot for ABC

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Comedian Aisha Tyler, who recently premiered her one hour Comedy Central special Aisha Tyler Is Lit: Live at the Fillmore, has snagged herself the opportunity to become the next big network talk show host. The veteran comedian, on tour now, will shoot a pilot for The Aisha...

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Friday stand-up video: Mark Silverman

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Seeing as how Mother’s Day is this weekend, why not enjoy a beautiful song just for moms by Mark...

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