Is improv a lesser form of comedy than stand-up?

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The differences between live stand-up comedy and live improv are great and varied for sure. It’s a discussion we’ve never had on Punchline Magazine, mainly because our passion and expertise lie in stand-up comedy and we don’t know much about improv. So really, who are we...

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Thursday stand-up video: April Macie

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When it comes to understanding how creepy man-on-girl oral pleasures is, April Macie is the understandingest. That may not be a real word but below is a real funny NSFW clip for the day. Did I mention the NSFW part? See more funny videos and funny pictures at...

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Put Punchline Magazine news on your site!

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If you have a blog or a website or any other space you can embed code into, we’ve got news for you– literally! Oh, we’re hilarious. Below these words you will see a handsome little widget with all of Punchline Magazine’s headlines, including news and...

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Wednesday stand-up video: Shane Mauss

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Shane Mauss might be on to something with his thoughts on cars with airbag...

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My Damn Channel renews David Wain series

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Wainy Days, the web series by writer/director/Stella member David Wain, will return for a fourth season on  The series, which follows Wain’s unsuccessful attempts to pick up women, has been My Damn Channel’s biggest hit since its debut in 2007, and has...

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Tuesday stand-up video: Sam Tripoli

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Sam Tripoli goes over a few cultural observations about Mexicans at the Improv. That is, to the crowd at the Improv, not Mexicans sitting at the Improv. Not that Mexicans wouldn’t be sitting at the Improv. The Improv welcomes people of all nationalities - enjoy the clip. ....

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Margaret Cho does nude interview

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In a new installment of video interviews, wherein New York City comedian Sara Benincasa grills comedians and other funny folks in a bathtub, stand-up legend Margaret Cho shares some suds with Sara. In doing so, the pair chat about Cho's incredible singing ability -- she's soon...

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Monday stand-up video: John Ramsey

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John Ramsey tells the crowd at Cap City Comedy Club a thing or two about office chain...

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Willie Barcena promotes testicle shimmer

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On Cinco de Mayo, comedian Willie Barcena will premiere his one-hour special on Comedy Central. You may already know this if you’ve read our interview with the man here. What you may not know is that Willie has a side job selling some much needed products. Check out the...

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