Steven Wright gives Brittany Murphy a push

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In case you missed it the other day, we wanted to share with you the hilarious opening to Craig Ferguson's show, starring Steven Wright giving actress Brittany Murphy a disturbingly funny swing ride. Check it...

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Rev. Dave Thompson, man of God and comedy

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The Rev. Dave Thompson is my kind of pastor. When he first started leading the United Presbyterian Church in Jamestown, ND he was the youngest pastor the church ever had. For the last 12 years, Rev. Dave has also been a regular  at the Last Comedy Revue - a local event that...

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Laugh Factory owner wants government to bail out comedy

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The owner of The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles is asking President Obama to send some bail out money his way.  Jamie Masada has started an online petition asking the government to give him $700,000 to fund a national comedy tour. “We thought if we could get 1/10,000th of 1...

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Louis CK confirms location of new comedy special

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It was announced this week that Louis CK will be taping his third one hour special Louis CK: Hilarious at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee on April 18. Show times are 8:00 and 10:30 PM and tickets are on sale now through the Pabst Theater box office. Punchline Magazine interviewed...

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Friday stand-video: Jessi Campbell

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One of the most adorable things about kids is that they’re so honest, right? You know what one of the worst things about kids are? They’re so honest. Comedian Jessi Campbell explains. Check it...

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New software helps comics tighten their acts

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Are you a beginner comic looking to get to the next level? Or maybe you’re a veteran looking to tighten your act. Or maybe you’re just a comedy nerd. Unfortunately, it’s hard to adjust you’re material based on anything resembling cold, hard stats. It’s not like...

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Jon Lovitz on his new beach-themed comedy club

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ETOnline just ran an exculsive story on the latest comedy club to open - a three story, 400 seat, beach-themed club operated by owner Jon Lovitz. Working alongside Frank Kelly, manager of the Irvine Improv, Lovitz decided on the bright, fun atmosphere because he felt the dark...

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Interview: Robert Buscemi, named best stand-up in Chicago

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For the last few years, comedian Robert Buscemi has spent most of his time honing his stand-up comedy in one of the country’s major hubs for said artistic expression. The Chicago scene has embraced the man and all of  his odd musings onstage. In fact, the Chicago Reader...

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Thursday stand-up video: Robert Kelly

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Comedian Robert Kelly loves his wife. He just doesn’t want to tell her every five seconds, and for good reason. Check it...

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