Bill Cosby to receive Mark Twain prize in humor

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Legendary comedian Bill Cosby will be the next honoree of the Mark Twain humor prize, given by the John Kennedy Center for Performing Arts each year. Cosby will be the 12th recipient of the award, which was bestowed upon George Carlin last year. The 71-year-old comedian – who...

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Paul Mecurio updates Abbott and Costello for the modern age of baseball

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On a recent visit to the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Show, comedian Paul Mecurio — a show regular — premiered his updated version of legendary comedy team Abbott and Costello’s famous baseball-themed sketch, “Who’s on First.” To give it...

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Monday stand-up video: Gary Gulman

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Comedian Gary Gulman offers some helpful hints on how to girlfriend-proof your computer. Bonus: he waxes on the usefulness of the...

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Hell gig story: Comedian pays his dues on the court

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If you’re reading this here on Punchline Magazine, you probably have a better than average understanding of how the stand-up comedy world works. You know there is really no such thing as an overnight success. You know that it takes stand-up comedians years – even decades –...

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Friday stand-up video: Auggie Smith

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We get the feeling that comedian Auggie Smith isn’t a huge fan of exposing children to constant stimuli. Check it...

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Demetri Martin is in an Ang Lee film; and here is the trailer

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Guess this counts as one more Important Thing in comedian Demetri Martin’s life: the trailer from Taking Woodstock, the Ang Lee film about the monumental ’60s rock concert. In Lee’s first American movie since Brokeback Mountain, Martin plays Elliot Tiber, a small-time...

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Funny things we missed: Sara Benincasa’s Anne Hathaway onset freak out

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Surely you remember all those weeks ago when that audio surfaced of Christian Bale freaking out onset of Terminator: Salvation wherein he kinda gets angry at the director of photography. You also probably remember the many subsequent audio and video parodies as well as quippy...

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Mike Birbiglia makes a dramatic entrance at UCB

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New York comedian John Loftin, who was in attendance at last night’s Totally J/K show (a monthly event wherein big cheese comics perform) at the UCB, sent us (upon our request) this wee story about Mike Birbiglia’s headlining set. Birbiglia was booked to headline...

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Caroline Rhea plays host in stand-up comedy films

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New York City is arguably – that is, barely arguably – the home of the best stand-up comedy in the country. But let’s face it. Most obsessed comedy fans from across this nation cannot afford to pay $1,700 a month in rent for a 300-square foot studio apartment in Manhattan...

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