Tuesday stand-up video: Bryan Gutmann

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Comedian Bryan Gutmann never thought he’d get sucked into the world of office politics. But we all know you can’t control everything. Check it...

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Brian Posehn to host first Golden Gods Metal Awards

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Brian Posehn announced on his Myspace blog over the weekend that Revolver Magazine has tapped him to host the first metal awards show in the U.S. The Golden Gods Metal Awards will happen April 7 in Los Angeles and will air on MTV2; the event boasts special performance by...

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Rocker Pete Doherty has a stand-up comedy past

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Drugs, super models and little hats: these are the things that come to mind when I think of British musician Pete Doherty (plus the fact that he’s a famous rock star whose music I’ve never heard). But according to a recent interview, the bad boy rocker once had a different...

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Friday stand-up video: Cy Amundson

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As comedian Cy Amundson testifies, there’s a lot of advantages to not knowing who impregnated your sister. Check it...

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Chocolate News canceled

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Comedy Central yesterday cancelled David Alan Grier’s Chocolate News. The show – part news parody, part sketch show – aired 10 times in its first and only season. The former In Living Color star, however, can still be seen as one of the contestants on ABC’s hit contest...

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Preview: the roast of Larry the Cable Guy

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Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that Larry the Cable Guy is the latest victim of the Comedy Central Roast. The network will premiere the insult fest this Sunday at 10 pm EST. Roast regulars Greg Giraldo, Jeffrey Ross and Nick Di Paolo are joined by the likes of...

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Thursday stand-up video: Tammy Pescatelli

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In this clip, comedian Tammy Pescatelli explains the origins of NASCAR. The truth will shock you. Check it...

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House-bound Andy Dick makes the most of his situation with new web series

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I’ve been told that Andy Dick is likable on VH1’s Sober House, wherein a house full of celebs (former Guns ‘n Roses drummer Steven Adler, porn star Mary Carey included) attempt to break free from their chemical addictions with the help of Dr. Drew Pinsky....

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Wednesday stand-up video: John Ramsey

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Comedian John Ramsey is a young man. Still, he doesn’t understand kids today and their sayings. Check it...

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