Monday stand-up audio clip: Rich Vos

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Happy Monday, readers. We thought we’d start your week off with a few minutes of comedian Rich Vos shitting all over himself, explaining to us why he’s so pathetic. We figured you’d all feel better about yourselves. This track is taken from Vos’s 2001...

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Monday stand-up video: Buddy Bolton

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Comedian Buddy Bolton watches a lot of television. But there’s nothing he enjoys more than a good appearance by Billy Mays. Check it...

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Bravo signs Griffin for another season

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In the wake of shows like Project Runway ditching Bravo for new deals with other networks, Bravo has locked down Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List for another season. The crowd-pleasing comedienne’s new contract includes one new season of her reality show (its fifth),...

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Friday stand-up audio clip: Dan Mintz

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Happy Friday, dear readers. We’re going to get your weekend started off right– or at least, really weird. Ladies and gentleman: Dan...

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Lenny Bruce becomes subject of theater production

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Schmucks, a play centered around comedy legends Lenny Bruce and Groucho Marx, will be running at The Wilma Theater in Philadelphia from Dec 3 - Jan 4. Directed by Jiri Zizka and written by former stand-up Roy Smiles, Schmucks is a fantasy comedy that present audience members...

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Comedy site caters to lunch breaks

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Are you reading this while surfing the web during your lunch break? According to Nielsen in 2008, the majority of working people do most of their internet surfing at work during this much needed chunk of afternoon downtime, usually between 11 and 2. Enter...

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Friday stand-up video: Andi Smith

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As always, comedian Andi Smith gives us all a dose of sad reality. Her target this time? Sarah Palin. Check it out. Read our interview with Andi Smith...

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Rosie O’Donnell returns to stand-up roots with NBC variety show

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The once foul mouthed fem comic, Rosie O’Donnell is returning to her roots in stand-up comedy with a new NBC variety special, Rosie Live. Although once infamous for her politically charged comments on ABC’s The View - most of which were aimed at the residing...

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Thursday stand-up audio clip: Robert Schimmel

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Robert Schimmel’s 1998 album If You Buy this CD, I Can Get This Car may be the veteran comedian’s definitive collection. This track, partly about his daughter talking to him about sex, is an excellent example of that. Check it out. Read our interview with Schimmel...

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