Stand-up comedy sheds new light on mental illness

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Kim Van Dyck and Alex Winstanley are living with schizophrenia. They are also the stars of the Canadian based comedy program, Stand up For Mental Health. The program was started by David Granirer who found success using laugh therapy to treat those with mental illness or...

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Thursday stand-up video: Mike Vecchione

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Comedian Mike Vecchione gives tourists in New York City a helpful tip that’ll keep them safe. Here’s a hint: KFC. Check it...

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Bracket contest winner, Frank Allbritten

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Congratulations to Frank Allbritten, the winner of our Stand-up Showdown Madness bracket contest! Frank will soon be the lucky recipient of an awesome comedy prize bundle that includes the following: South Park Season 11 Lil Bush Season 1 Dov Davidoff - The Point Is. . . Robert...

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Video: Judy Gold deals with a meltdown

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While Judy Gold was taping a recent episode of the Best Week Ever-esque show Smoking Gun TV for TruTV, she was interrupted by a phone call. Why? It seems, her two sons were in the middle of a meltdown. With the help from some stellar animation, Judy allows us to share this slice...

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Russell Brand gives back to drug center

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Chortle reports that British comedian Russell Brand has donated 60,000 pounds — that’s about $86,000 — to help save the drug rehab center that once treated him for heroin addiction from closure.  In total Brand has donated over 200,000 pounds ($286,000) to...

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Tuesday stand-up video: Jeremy Essig

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Comedian Jeremy Essig is done talking about Obama or that last guy we had. His concern now is our president in 2038. Check it...

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Video: Katt Williams gets animated

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Sometimes when stand-up comedy fans get bored and happen to have animation skills, they’ll create an animation around a favorite comedy bit. We’ve studied this. We know it’s true. Turns out there’s some animators out there that like Katt Williams. Lucky...

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Jim Norton and Artie Lange in concert, together for the first time

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We just got word that Jim Norton and Artie Lange will, for the first time, perform in concert together. It’s going down at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby, PA (outside of Philly) on Saturday, Feb. 21 at 8 pm. Doors are at 7pm. Get your tickets at Tickets...

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Video: Patton Oswalt interviewed about “Big Fan”

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In his to-be-released movie Big Fan, Patton Oswalt plays a crazed New York Giants fan who ends up getting beat up by his favorite player. It would’ve been awesome if Patton was allowed to beat up this interviewer. No, it wouldn’t. That’s not right....

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