Comedy Central Stand-up Showdown update: The Ladies of the Top 20

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Let’s face it, the Stand-Up Showdown is a sausage fest. The deep honor of being part of the Top 20 - and thus having your half-hour special re-aired during the Stand-Up Showdown Marathon - has mostly always gone to the guys. Yet, every year there seems to be a few ladies...

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Steve Martin lays down bluegrass album

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It ends up Steve Martin lost the arrow but hung on to the banjo. On Jan. 27, the actor/writer/comedian will release an album of bluegrass music. The Crow: New Songs for the Five-String Banjo will be available exclusively through Amazon for the first 90 days of its release. The...

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Monday stand-up video: Dwayne Perkins

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There’s comes a time in a man’s life when he realizes he’s never going pro. Comedian Dwayne Perkins testifies. Check it...

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Friday stand-up video: Kurt Metzger

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Comedian Kurt Metzger opines about what makes New York City so great– from skinned bodies on display in art galleries to Ethiopian food. Check it out. .cc_box a:hover.cc_home{background:url('')...

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Roseanne premieres new radio show

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Roseanne Barr has launched a new weekly radio show on Los Angeles’ mega-progressive station KPFK 90.7 FM. In a promo running on KPFK, Roseanne says, “In addition to offering insights and expert analysis on the nut jobs running things, we’ll have great guests...

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Christian Finnegan wants douche bags to wear costumes

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In a post yesterday on his Tower of Hubris section of his official site, comedian Christian Finnegan eloquently opined that real-life douche bags should wear costumes – much like comic book villains – so that we can know immediately what type of person we’re dealing with....

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Man uses stand-up comedy to cope with divorce

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A recent article listing tips for people going through a divorce suggests dabbling in stand-up comedy. Could it be that publicly humiliating your former spouse behind their back to a crowd of strangers yeilds some therapeutic magic? It worked for this guy. “I took a class...

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Thursday stand-up video: Andy Ritchie

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When you’re 12 years old, and a shark tears your arm off, you start to look at life a lot differently. Comedian Andy Ritchie explains. Check it...

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Why I stopped following Paul F. Tompkins on Twitter

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Paul F. Tompkins is a Twitter Maniac. I’ll never forget the day he first joined up because it was heavily promoted by John Hodgman. Within the first day, Twitterkins was quickly gathering followers and it appeared that a reply tweet from the funny man was not too far from...

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