Thursday stand-up audio clip: Brian Posehn

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In this track, taken from comedian his 2006 album Live: In Nerd Rage, Brian Posehn tells a cautionary tale about brining a birthday cake to a chimp. Check it...

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Thursday stand-up video: Eddie Ifft

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According to Eddie Ifft, there’s nothing wrong with doing drugs, especially when you’re 90 years old. Check it...

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Wednesday stand-up audio clip: Maria Bamford

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Not really known for tackling the tough issues, comedian Maria Bamford addresses workplace sexual harassment in this track taken from her 2003 album, The Burning Bridges...

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Congratulations to the editor

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Congratulations to our fearless leader, Dylan “Daddy” Gadino and his wife on the birth of their baby boy who arrived Monday, Nov 24. Your friends and writers at Punchline wish you all the best and lots of...

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Wednesday stand-up video: Kyle Grooms

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Comedian Kyle Grooms has noticed that Starbucks has even moved into Harlem recently. It makes for some interesting transactions at the counter. Check it...

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Top five comics selected in Seattle Comedy Competition

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The 29th annual Seattle International Stand-Up Comedy Competition enters its final round with five top comics selected. After battling through 18 shows and defeating 26 other excellent stand-ups, the finalists prepare for shows Wednesday, Nov. 26, at the Vashon Theater; Friday,...

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Tuesday stand-up audio clip: Tom Rhodes

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Comedian Tom Rhodes has a way to end racism. Check out the track below, taken from his 2005 album, Hot Sweet...

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Tuesday stand-up video: James Ervin Berry

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Comedian James Ervin Berry wishes someone would’ve told him a little bit more about the Dukes of Hazzard when he was...

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Monday stand-up audio clip: Rich Vos

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Happy Monday, readers. We thought we’d start your week off with a few minutes of comedian Rich Vos shitting all over himself, explaining to us why he’s so pathetic. We figured you’d all feel better about yourselves. This track is taken from Vos’s 2001...

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