Thursday stand-up video: Pete Dominick

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In the most intense scene we’ve ever witnessed him in, comedian Pete Dominick tells a tale of wedded bliss. Check it out. Read our interview with Pete Dominick...

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Columbus, OH picks its funniest comedian

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The Columbus Comedy Competition named its funniest comedian last night in a hugely successful final performance. The show took place at the the Columbus Funny Bone, where the contest’s finalists performed their sets to a jam packed house (people were practically on top of each...

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Wednesday stand-up audio clip: Jasper Redd

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Quickly-rising comedian Jasper Redd covers everything from the history of his home state, Tennessee, the similarities between gays and blacks and why being rich really doesn’t create more problems as some people claim. Check it...

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Wednesday stand-up video: Jessi Campbell

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It’s hump day! Let’s start it off right with a good old fashioned poop joke with a modern twist. Thank, Jessie...

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Joey Kola co-starring in upcoming Mick Foley sit-com

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Joey Kola has been tapped to co-star in a new situational comedy program starring the WWE’s Mick Foley.  Have a Nice Day - the current working title - will also star former Survivor contestant Rupert Boneham and former adult star Christy Canyon. We all love Mick at...

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Tuesday stand-up audio clip: George Carlin

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Because he was so well known for being a social critic, it’s easy to forget sometimes that George Carlin was also just a really goofy bastard. We like this clip from his 1977 album On the Road. It finds Carlin lighthearted and plain funny. Check it out. Read our...

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Mike Birbiglia rings NADSAQ bell

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Finally, some good news out of the stock market! Yesterday morning, the start the day’s trading was signaled by New York comedian Mike Birbiglia, and broadcast across the net via live feed. For those of you who are bigger fans of comedy than you are of stock exchange, each...

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Tuesday stand-up video: Jon Fisch

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Though it seems we’ve gotten rid of Sarah Palin, comedian Jon Fisch delivers some sad news: she’s never going away. Check it...

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Offensive women talking dangerously at Zipper Factory Dec 5, 6

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Eve Ensler of The Vagina Monologue fame is co-producing Offensive Women: Talk is Dangerous that is scheduled to appear at The Zipper Factory theater Dec 5 and 6 at 8pm. The all female comedy show that dubs itself as a rock-n-roll, no holds barred event features: Julie Goldman,...

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