Patton Oswalt’s Halloween card challenge

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Patton Oswalt challenges fans via his Myspace Blog this week to show off their horror movie genre trivia skills. Providing the illustration for Oswalt’s 2008 Halloween card is Corrie Erickson with his artistic rendition of 6 characters from some of Patton’s favorite...

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Monday stand-up video: Joe Marlotti

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If Jesus came back to walk the earth, comedian Joe Marlotti posits that one of the savior-to-some’s first stops would be Denny’s. Check it...

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Video: Tonight’s ‘DL Hughley Breaks the News’ monologue + Obama endorsement

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CNN debuts DL Hughley Breaks the News tonight at 10 pm. But you can check out his opening monologue right now. Embedded video from <a href=”” mce_href=””>CNN Video</a> And as...

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Weekend comedy links

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Here are a list of things that I didn’t write about this week because I was too sick and/or lazy. Seriously, I was supposed to do write ups on some of these and I didn’t. Please enjoy my condensed procrastination (and your weekend.) The smart folks at Cambridge have...

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Jo Koy inks deal with Comedy Central

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Comedy Central has inked a deal with comedian Jo Koy to tape a one-hour comedy special during this year’s New York Comedy Festival. The taping will take place on Nov. 6 and will air some time in early 2009. “We’ve been tracking Jo Koy for a while and we saw him...

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Video: CNN’s ‘DL Hughley Breaks the News’ premieres tomorrow

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As we reported on Oct. 15, CNN will be premiering DL Hughley Breaks the News tomorrow at 10 pm. We can tell you all about the show with words. But that would be silly, since we embedded this video, starring DL himself telling you all about the show. Enjoy. “D.L....

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Conservative comedy: Comedy for real Americans?

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Brace yourself for the unimaginable. When I first discovered this truth I was floored. Republican comics exist, at least eight that we know of. What’s more, these GOPers have teamed up for a tour dubbed, “The Right Stuff.” I can’t help but wonder though,...

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Friday stand-up video: Laurie Kilmartin

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Comedian Laurie Kilmartin examines the positives of being able to put your child back in your vagina. She can dream, can’t she? The below clip was filmed at Punchline Magazine’s third anniversary show at Comix in New York. Go here for more...

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Ron White’s legal team, working out plea deal for Sept. arrest

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After an anonymous tip landed Ron White in the custody of the Vera Beach Police Department back on Sept 11,  a plea deal is finally being ironed out. Jeffrey Battista, White’s Vera Beach attorney, says both the prosecutors and defense are working on a plea deal so White...

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