George Carlin’s ‘It’s Bad for Ya’ available on DVD, BlueRay Nov. 25

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George Carlin’s Emmy nominated final HBO special, It’s Bad for Ya, will be hitting store shelves on Nov. 25. Along with Carlin’s critically acclaimed swan song performance, the DVD will include a candid 30 minute interview conducted by The Academy of Television...

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Thursday stand-up video: Gary Gulman

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Comedian Gary Gulman knows people have different reasons for voting one way or the other. He just thinks that people should remember what it is they’re voting for. Check it...

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Video: Biting a lamb’s testicles off… because we can

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Every once in a while I see something that I must share with you all– even if it’s not stand-up comedy related. And this time, that something is a short video of Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe castrating a lamb with his teeth. I watched the entire episode last night on...

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Video: Sarah Silverman interview with Katie Couric, extended version

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You’ve probably seen some of the interview Sarah Silverman did with Kate Couric from CBS Sunday Morning this past weekend. But CBS released the extended version, complete with extras– like a behind the scenes look at Couric and Silverman doing bong hits! via Comedy...

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Because we like you: We’re giving away Sarah Silverman and Lil’ Bush stuff

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After conducting an exhaustive poll of our readers across the nation, we’ve deduced that the vast majority of you like getting free shit. So who are we not to give you what you want, that is if what you want are Sarah Silverman Program and Lil’ Bush DVDs?...

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RooftopComedy and Current TV Join Forces

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The heavily user-generated Current TV has joined forces with RooftopComedy, a San Francisco based company devoted to broadcasting stand up comedy throughout the web, to create a weekly TV series showcasing young comedic talent. The proposed series focus on showcasing topical...

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Comedian Rudy Ray Moore dies at 81

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Rudy Ray Moore, a comedian and filmmaker credited as a huge influence on generations of hip hop artists, just died at the age of 81. Moore made the bulk of his films throughout the 1970’s, and though critics were dismissive of his work at the time, he struck a chord with a...

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Russell Peters disses extremely attractive Bollywood actress

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Indian-Canadian stand-up, Russell Peters, is stirring up a riff between himself and Bollywood. According to the Indian based News Line, Peters has publicly declared that the immensely popular Indian actress, Aishwarya Rai lacks any true acting ability. “Aishwarya Rai is the...

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Wednesday stand-up video: Dean Edwards

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If given the chance, comedian Dean Edwards would probably reject a job as a superhero. After all, you can’t save everyone. And plus, some people shouldn’t be saved. Check it...

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