Jeff Foxworthy to open restaurant in Alabama

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For Jeff Foxworthy, success doesn’t stop with being the nation’s top selling stand-up comic of all time, a best-selling author, or pointing out that many Americans aren’t smarter than grade school children. Nay, Foxworthy shall soon be known as the red neck...

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Mike Birbiglia on Conan O’Brien tonight

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Hey, kids. Don’t go out tonight! Stay in, order up some pizza or maybe some takeout from the OG (Olive Garden), get comfy in your favorite sitting place and watch Mike Birbiglia on Conan O’Brien. Sure’s he’s been on the show before, but this will be the...

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Be a part of comedy history, get thee to Christian Finnegan’s DVD taping

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Are you a fan of Christian Finnegan from Best Week Ever, Chappelle’s Show, MSNBC and your finer cities’ comedy stages? Do you like doing things for free? Then check out Finnegan’s two free show tapings at The Trocadero Theater in Philadelphia on Oct. 25 at...

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Video poll: Who’s funnier– Obama or McCain?

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Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain let their comedy chops shine last night at a fundraising dinner at New York City’s Waldorf-Astoria. The pair were pitching in to raise bucks for the Alfred E. Smith Foundation, which “supports and aids the poor, sick, and...

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Video: Comedian Jacob Sirof on video game reviews

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On the new episode of’s original series, Glitch in the System, stand-up Jacob Sirof lets us behind the scenes as to how video game reviews are actually written. Be warned. It’s...

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Stephen Lynch inks worldwide Comedy Central deal

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Respected singing comedian Stephen Lynch has just signed a deal with Comedy Central to help promote the cable giant’s new live programming arm. Lynch will embark on a nation-wide live tour as well as a Comedy Central-sponsored international tour – a first for the channel –...

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Sign language comics bring stand-up comedy to the deaf

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Where does a deaf person go to see stand-up comedy? No, this isn’t a set up for a bad joke; it’s an honest question. And there’s an answer: to a show by any one of the four comics touring the country who perform their act sign language. One such comic is Keith...

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D.L. Hughley to anchor CNN comedy news show

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Cable television welcomes the latest comedy news program starring veteran comic, D.L. Hughley. Jonathan Klein, the president of CNN/U.S., says that their new show, “D.L. Hughley Breaks the News,” will feature jokes, reports, interviews, and sketches. A form that they...

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D.L. Hughley scores CNN gig, cable news gets funnier

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Comedian D.L. Hughley has inked a deal to host a new weekend comedy news show for cable news giant CNN. The show, D.L. Hughley Breaks the News will premiere Oct. 25. In a press release from CNN, the veteran comic had this to say: I am very excited for the opportunity to work...

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