8 days ’til the Punchline Magazine anniversary show, gift bags included

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Time is running short and tickets sparse to what will no doubt be the comedy event of October. On Oct. 7 at Comix in New York City, we’re celebrating Punchline Magazine’s three years online by producing a killer comedy show: The list of performers: Greg Giraldo,...

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Video: Ted Alexandro waxes political

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In the third installment of ElecTED, wherein comedian Ted Alexandro chats a bit about the current Presidential race, much is covered in a very short time, not excluding the fact that Sarah Palin’s daughter is a whore....

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Snag tickets to the Punchline Magazine third anniversary show: Greg Giraldo, Tom Papa, Robert Kelly, Christian Finnegan, more…

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Listen. I’m not one to tell people what to do with their lives. But when it comes to whether you should head out to the Punchline Magazine 3rd anniversary show at Comix in New York on Oct. 7, I have a strong opinion: you should go. I understand that most of our readers do not...

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Video: Sarah Silverman urges young Jews to tell old Jews to vote Obama

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See more Sarah Silverman videos at Funny or...

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Thursday stand-up video: Rich Vos

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Comedian Rich Vos would never kill a rabbit. But he’d be ok being involved in the murder of one. Check it...

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Interview: Comedian Chase Durousseau, winner of Houston’s Funniest Person contest

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Meet Chase Durousseau, the swiftly up-and-coming Houston comic who this year won the title of Houston’s Funniest Person. We caught up with Chase to talk about his victory, Houston’s comedy scene, and his next move. Since winning the title of Houston’s Funniest Person, how...

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Beloved comedy manager/producer passes away

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Chuckle Monkey this morning reported that comedy manager and producer Marty Fischer died late Monday night after sustaining a massive heart attack. Ken Pringle, head of Chuckle Monkey has this to say about Fischer: Marty didn’t have that “behind the scenes” comedy...

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Wednesday stand-up video: Chad Daniels

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What would happen if hack joke topics were taken to task? Let’s ask comedian Chad Daniels. Check it...

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Tuesday stand-up video: Jon Fisch

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New York comedian Jon Fisch touts the benefits of having majored in psychology. Plus, sex charts are fun! Check it...

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