Is nude stand-up comedy the next big thing?

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It’s been said that doing standup comedy can feel like being naked on stage.  Well, now there’s a club in NYC that takes this comparison to the next level. The UK’s Telegraph wrote about the People’s Improv Theatre in Chelsea, which offers a weekly Naked Comedy...

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Boston Comedy Festival: Celebrating Laughs – Past, Present and Future

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Earlier this year, The Roots performed on The Daily Show. Capping off an especially hilarious 20 minutes of mid-Democratic Primary satire, the band’s three primary members unleashed a rockin’ version of “The Star Spangled Banner” and then proceeded to smash...

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Louis CK crosses the Pond – with a little help from his friend

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Louis CK has just landed an endorsement that’s allowing him to finally break through to British audiences: and endorsement from Ricky Gervais. According to the British actor/comedian, CK is “The funniest stand-up working America.” The two have been mutual admirers of each...

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Tuesday stand-up video: Pat Dixon

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Joining a cult may seem like bad idea… until you learn about all the perks. Comedian Pat Dixon lets you in on a secret. Check it...

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Chris Rock returns to HBO with new stand-up special

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Chris Rock will return to HBO with a new stand-up special this year. The 90-minute show, Chris Rock: Kill the Messenger will premiere Sept. 27 and will feature live footage from performances in South Africa, New York and London. From I wanted to do the type of...

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Comedy club owner wants to fine Jesse Jackson for using n-word

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When Michael Richards caused a national stir by using the N-word at his LA’s Laugh FActory, club owner James Masada joined the Reverend Jesse Jackson in condemning the incident. Masada instituted a $50 fine for any time the word was used on his stage. Now that Jackson has...

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Monday stand-up video: Jessi Campbell

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Comedian Jessi Campbell has an odd, but effective way to deal with hand dryer hogs at pubic bathrooms. Check it...

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Comedian Russell Brand apologizes for onstage sex prank

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English comedian Russell Brand has received criticism for a sex attack prank he did during a recent stand-up performance. Brand called police while onstage in Northampton on July 12 and said he had seen someone he felt might fit the description of a man wanted for sexually...

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Thursday stand-up video: Paul LaKamp

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Comedian Paul LaKamp discusses the origin of anal sex toys. Check it...

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