Defending Tom Green

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So today in the E! Online column The Awful Truth, Ted Casablanca writes about “has been” Tom Green performing stand-up at Club Spaceland in Los Angeles and bombing To be precise, he writes about what a “snooper” told him he or she saw. We have a few issues with the...

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Video: Eugene Mirman reports on Sarah Palin from the RNC

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Snagged from the Comedy Central Insider via 23/6, we had to share Eugene Mirman’s coverage of the RNC with you....

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David Spade donates 10 grand to Humane Society

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Comedian David Spade just made a $10,000 donation to the Humane Society of the White Mountains in Lakeside, Arizona, an animal shelter where his mother volunteers. The donation will fund a new puppy yard and a bigger dog park. This act of charity is not a first for Spade. The...

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Wednesday stand-up video: Al Madrigal

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Comedian Al Madrigal’s children are not always thought of as a welcome addition to his life. Check it out. [From...

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HBO’s Flight of the Conchords coming to an end?

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HBO might lose another show as Flight of the Conchords its been reported that the show will most likely end after only two seasons. Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie said in a recent interview that they planned to end their popular show after 22 episodes. “The second...

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Andy Dick will not face sexual assault charges

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Part-time comedian Andy Dick will apparently escape some charges following his most recent arrest. Dick was arrested for allegedly exposing a random teenage girl’s breasts at a fast food spot in California. He was then booked for felony possession of a controlled substance,...

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Tuesday stand-up video: Cy Amundson

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Comedian Cy Amundson isn’t so politically minded. But give him a donut and his tune changes. Check it...

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Video: Iliza Shlesinger is Tammy, the blonde cubicle dweller

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On’s original series of mini episodes of The Office Blonde, Iliza Shlesinger, winner of this season’s Last Comic Standing, plays Tammy, a sorta annoying office worker who’s always armed with bad — in a good way — blonde jokes. Check it...

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Video: Paul Mecurio goes homeless at the DNC

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In the third installment of his DNC webseries Unreliable Intelligence, comedian Paul Mecurio tells us about a plan the city of Denver had to get their homeless population off the streets– at least until the convention was done. Check it...

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