Stand-up to sitcom: two lists that we didn’t create but that you should check out

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Have you ever you wanted easy access to a giant list of stand-up comedians who later became sitcom stars? No? Well don’t tell the fine folks at TV Squad, who posted such a list today. And never mind letting our friends at The Comic’s Comic know...

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Comedy Central’s ‘Night of Too Many Stars’ this Sunday: red carpet coverage

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This Sunday, we’ll be on the red carpet for Comedy Central’s giant benefit hosted by Jon Stewart, Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert for Autism Education, at the Beacon Theatre in New York City. It’s an excellent...

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Did Artie Lange really quit the Howard Stern Show?

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Comedian and Howard Stern Show third mic man Artie Lange just went a tad crazy, blowing up on his assistant, Teddy on today’s show, saying “I can’t do this anymore.” Is Lange gone for good? The radio veteran has a history of almost quitting the...

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Thursday Stand-up video: Dan Levy

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Comedian Dan Levy looks forward to the days he gets to buy condoms. Check it...

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Comedian Ben Bailey and ‘Cash Cab’ become board game

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Soon people will be able to hail the Cash Cab from home. The innovative series that has been steering game shows in a new direction on the Discovery Channel since 2005 will release a home version of the fun trivia contest, says host Ben Bailey. Bailey, the veteran comedian and...

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Country singer Clint Black does stand-up comedy, moves ahead in CBS competition

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Performing stand-up comedy for the first time on television, country singer Clint Black last night was voted to move on in CBS’ Secret Talent of the Stars competition. If you didn’t watch – and chances are, you...

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Wednesday stand-up video: Amy Schumer

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Comedian Amy Schumer can’t help the fact that she’s got an overblown sense of confidence. It’s all her mother’s fault. Check it...

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Bob Odenkirk cast in Mike Birbiglia’s CBS pilot

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Bob Odenkirk has been cast in Mike Birbiglia’s new CBS pilot, Mike Birbiglia’s Secret Public Journal. The veteran comedy writer, actor and producer will play the New York-based comedian’s older brother on the show, which is...

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Tuesday stand-up video: Shaun Majumder

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Every once in a while it’s important for comedy lovers to see a few moments of truly terrible comedy. Without the bad, there is no good, so says the Taoists. So it’s with our peace loving Eastern friends’ words, we give you Shaun Majumder. We can’t...

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