Punchline Magazine’s dispatch from Kilkenny’s Cat Laughs Comedy Festival, part 2

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KILKENNY, Ireland -- A hectic few days at Kilkenny, where I’ve interviewed eight comics and seen 33 of their sets – including a six hour run of gigs back to back on Saturday night, jogging from pub to theatre, to nightclub, to hotel conference room and back to pub –...

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Punchline Magazine’s dispatch from Kilkenny’s Cat Laughs Comedy Festival, part 1

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KILKENNY, Ireland -- In terms of physical comedy, I can’t imagine Albuquerque’s Pajama Men get upstaged too often. But the abiding memory of the first gig I saw at this year’s Carlsberg Cat Laughs Festival in Kilkenny, Ireland, was of homegrown trio Des Bishop, Jason Byrne...

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Cameron Esposito: Grab Them Aghast

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Cameron Esposito hasn’t had a Comedy Central special and she doesn’t frequent the hip indie New York City comedy clubs, but this art-house comic has some unique talent that’s made her a favorite among hometown Chicago audiences. Her raspy, excitable delivery is clean and...

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Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Bill Hader more join Conan at Radio City

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Tonight, Conan O'Brien will conclude his two-night live engagement in his former hometown of New York City at the famous Radio City Music Hall. Last night, however, marked the first time the late night show host ever performed on stage at the giant venue. And, as expected, Coco...

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John Pinette: Show Me The Buffet (10th anniversary edition)

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Some might say if you’ve been to one buffet you’ve been to them all. Don’t tell that to John Pinette whose first CD, Show Me The Buffet from Uproar! Entertainment is back. And this time around it’s got crisper sound quality and is completely uncensored. Favorite clips...

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Tom Segura: Thrilled

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Do not be deceived by the white suit Tom Segura wears on the cover of Thrilled: This comic is one dark dude. But he’s light enough, endearing enough and downright wacky enough to mock Mexicans, midgets, men and women without sounding like a fulminating Tea Party candidate or a...

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Dave and Jay Tell You Things: A simple, simply funny web series returns

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I have done the impossible! That’s right, I have folded a fitted sheet! How is that possible? Well, it’s all thanks to the professional help of comedians Dave Siegel and Jay Larson from Dave And Jay Tell You Things. Dave And Jay Tell You Things -- returning June 7 -- is...

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Alec Baldwin proves funny and familiar on Saturday Night Live

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Watching the season finale of Saturday Night Live felt a lot like lunch the day after Thanksgiving… slapping together a bunch of odds and ends, reheating leftovers, adding a few new ingredients to turn that same turkey into a turkey salad sandwich. I’m by no means saying it...

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As expected, Betty White rules on Saturday Night Live

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Everything old was golden again for this week’s historic Saturday Night Live. Anticipation for host Betty White was sky-high. The hype, for a lesser star, could have meant disaster for the show. As you’ll see, the writers took the easy way out. The lines they wrote weren’t...

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