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Watch Maria Bamford try to find the Exxon within

Everyone’s favorite underdog comedian Maria Bamford visited Conan last night to unleash a few minutes of stand-up. It was a glorious mix of classic and new-ish bits that left the studio audience laughing heartily and probably, to some extent, tilting their heads in wonderment/confusion. And that’s why we love her! Sit back and drink down […]

Jennifer Saunders is writing “Absolutely Fabulous” movie, television specials to air also

Absolutely Fabulous is coming back! Again! The cult-favorite British sitcom—which originally ran from 1992–1995, then from 2001–2003—will celebrate its 20th anniversary with three new television specials. And if everything goes according to plan, the specials will be followed by the very first AbFab movie, which creator and star Jennifer Saunders plans to write next year. […]