Catholic League emails Daily Show’s ‘Vagina Manger’ photo because that’s what God would do

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It’s likely you’ve been following the recent brouhaha between Jon Stewart and conservative Christian groups over a graphic, wherein a Christmas manger was Photoshopped between the legs of a naked woman during the April 16 episode of The Daily Show. Well, the issue isn’t dying out anytime soon, especially since Stewart addressed it this weekend during a live stand-up show in Florida. But let’s back up, first.

The Vagina Manger moment went down during a piece about Fox News Channel’s apparent disdain for liberal activists employing the phrase “war on women,” when speaking about what seems like proposed rollbacks on women’s rights legislation as spearheaded by GOP politicians (Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney recently promised to reverse Roe Vs. Wade, for example). The point Stewart and Daily Show writers were making was that in the past (and they show the video evidence) Fox has used “war on” for a great number of less significant things (potatoes, sugar) and most noteworthy, Christmas. And if “liberals” weren’t allowed to use the phrase as it applies to women’s rights, then how could we convince Fox otherwise?

“What can women do to generate the same sense of outrage from Fox as the removal of decorative, slightly poisonous holiday plants?” Stewart asked, adding, “Perhaps they could play into the theme. Maybe women could protect their reproductive organs from unwanted medical intrusions with vagina mangers.” And cue the graphic, which stayed onscreen for a painfully long time. You can watch the entire segment below.


Two days after the airing, Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center (a super conservative group) tweeted, “We dare Jon Stewart to be equally disgusting & desecrate the Koran & Torah to prove they are equal opportunity bigots,” and followed up with an official press release. On the same day, the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights sent out an e-mail to their followers stating, in part, “We are asking Stewart to apologize. If he does not, we will mobilize Protestants, Jews, Mormons and Muslims to join us in a boycott of his sponsors.”

But Comedy Central has been silent on the issue. And Stewart hasn’t felt the need to respond– until this weekend, when Stewart informally addressed the issue during his Saturday show at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Fl. “I’m not going to censor myself to comfort your ignorance,” he said about the Catholic League’s boycott, in what the Tampa Bay Times described as a “rare moment of seriousness” during his live show.

The Catholic League today attempted to use Stewart’s words against him, releasing yet another press release, claiming that their organization “is getting to him.” Catholic League President Bill Donohue (pictured to the right) proudly adds, “We’re sending [our supporters] the ‘vagina manger’ picture he is so proud of, asking everyone to pressure Comedy Central into getting Stewart to apologize.”

Way to go, Bill! Send that ‘vagina manger’ photo around. That sounds like something Jesus would do. You know, turning the other cheek and all, disseminating soft-core religious-themed porn. Also, you are not getting to Jon Stewart. He’s gotten to you and all of your followers— and in a huge way. Isn’t that why you’re making a God-awful stink about a comedy show’s satirical take on real news programming? Instead of being mechanically outraged over something that, based on your drowning-in-doctrine life, seems like you should be outraged over, why not listen to what Stewart has to say. Forget about the “vagina manger” for a second (If you can…I get it. I like it, too).

Re-watch the Daily Show’s segment. If you still can’t see the hypocrisy Fox News is all too happy to own, you’re more damaged than they are. And that’s saying a lot.

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  • TimSPC

    To fight back against Bill Donohue, check out

  • Tim Heller

    I say we take jon stewart out and kick the shit out of him! What a douchebag!

  • Solomon

    Jon Stewart hides behind the premise of satire to get away with airing his radical liberal commentary to a willing, hungry, and impressionable demographic. Not that conservative media doesn’t pander to their own particular audience, but to criticize it under the guise of a comedy routine is kind of . . . un-manly. It’s kind of weak. To lambast Fox News with a 30-minute “LOL AREN’T REPUBLICANS STUPID, GUISE?!”  block, then hold your hands up and say it’s all for the sake of comedy, is more than a little transparent and way past its expiration date.

    • odubya23

      If you are against commentary of any kind, than you are against the Idea of American Liberty.

      Fox News reports commentary.  Fox News reports things that are patently untrue and then doesn’t deliver a punch line.  CO2 is a green house gas.  You could demonstrate this for yourself with the right equipment and a child’s understanding of insulation. Fox News “science” reporting would have you believe that CO2 can’t have any affect on global temperatures.  Jon Stewart isn’t calling Fox New’s viewership stupid, Fox News is PROVING that their own viewership is stupid when they deliver such whoppers knowing it will be swallowed whole by a demographic that has more brand loyalty that loyalty to it’s Nation.  That is all a fact.

      • Steve

        You say that if you’re against commentary you’re against liberty.  Then you talk about commentary you’re against. 
        This really isn’t about Stewart versus Fox News.  This is about Stewart taking a religious symbol and putting it in front of a vagina.  Then saying people offended by that are ignorant.
        I’m not saying people should boycott Stewart, rather that he shouldn’t be surprised when he does something like that.. and people become offended by it.

        • odubya23

          Hey, Fox News has every right to poison the minds of the over-fifty, religious zealot set. I’m not trying to stop them.  I’m merely siting allegory.  As for getting offended because some TV person puts the Holy Stable in front of the Holiest of Holeys, why don’t you just forgive him?  Are you too proud?  Jesus would’ve laughed at that.

    • Sam

      Un-Manly? You’ve really posted that? Let’s just assume that you’re views are not worth squat.

  • Dill

    I don’t get it. They’re Christians. Why don’t they just forgive him?

  • Steve

    Stewart’s right that its unfair to say one group can’t use the false war euphemism while another can.  That being said his post was pretty offensive to a religion liberals don’t care about.  I think the Catholic League is saying the same thing Stewart’s saying.  You’ll complain about one thing.. but not another.. You’ll make fun of one thing.. but not another. 

    Also it’s interesting Stewart criticizes Fox’s War on Christmas term.. while not criticizing the War on Women term.  He is doing the same thing as Fox News.

    • odubya23

      Yeah, but Jon Stewart is producing a satire, Fox News purports to report “news”.  There is a difference.  One is officially entertainment, one is entertainment because it can’t legally call itself an information source.

      • Steve

        This is like Charles Barkley saying he’s not a roll model.  Sometimes it’s not up to us to determine what people think of us.  John Stewart clearly has a political motive here whether he’s a comedian or not.

        • odubya23

          If you don’t like what Jon Stewart has to say, why don’t you try ignoring him?  I have successfully ignored ignorant zealots for thirty-something years now, and we love each other for it.  Everyone has a political motive, you seriously think William Donohue doesn’t?  That he doesn’t care how people vote.  Jon Stewart produces a POLITICAL SATIRE.  It seems to me that you’re complaining that the zebra has stripes.  Just turn off your TV.  I did it years ago, and now my family and I live a wonderful life where we don’t know what people are talking about when they ask us if we caught the latest episode of whatever.  You’ll feel better, trust me!  Jesus is right here in my apartment telling me to type this to you! 

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