Comedian offers comedy club etiquette animation, in light of recent incidents (Video)

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In light of a series of recent comedy club mishaps (Tosh, Pescatelli, Griffin) which went down in large part (in my opinion) because of people’s horribly inaccurate expectations of a comedy show, comedian Adam Ray took it upon himself to educate. And after watching the below animation, I can say he’s done an outstanding job. Check out the video, animated by Colin McCall and written by Ray, below. And please, for the love of comedy, pass it along to a friend.

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  • Davebaxter1989

    What everyone should keep in mind when they go to a comedy club that’s so different from everywhere else is that the intention is explicit, you don’t need to wonder whether that guy was joking, because he was. This doesn’t preclude people from being sexist, homophobic or misogynistic but whether they are needs to be decided in the context of the comedy club. You can’t say “if he said that in the street he’d be arrested” because on the street the intention isn’t explicit.

  • christopatten

    This was the best thing that’s happened.

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