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Good morning, comedy news wanters. You may have noticed that from time to time, I’ve been collecting some links and throwing them at you some mornings. Why am I doing this, you might be asking. Well, sometimes we, at Punchline Magazine, need to get you comedy-related info that doesn’t quite deserve a full post on our oft-updated daily news blog (the section you’re reading right now). That’s where these things come in to play. So, start clicking.

I got a scare yesterday when I read the headline “I Was Natalie Portman’s Ass Double,” thinking that the unrestricted Your Highness trailer we posted last month featuring said actress’ glorious, pre-preggo rump was a hoax. Turns out, Portman used an ass double in the swimming scene in the flick, but that was Nat’s ass in the trailer. Thank Christ. [Jezebel]

Joel McHale

Joel McHale

In case you were wondering how to execute the perfect butt sex joke on basic cable, look no further than Joel McHale and The Soup. Keep watching ’til the end of this video. [EOnline]

Hey, here’s a chart that shows how many women writers in late-night television there are compared to men. Hint: Men are assholes. Fun Fact: Well more than half the regular writers at Punchline Mag do not have dicks. [Statette]

Jerry Seinfeld reacts to a little girl with 14 million YouTube hits who says she wants to be like him. [HuffPo Comedy]

Have you wondered what it’s like to work in the makeup, prop and costume departments on Community? No? Well shut up and watch this anyway, fuckhead. [TV Squad]

Comedian and super-respected comedy scribe Dana Gould will headline a benefit show to promote foster parenting and adoption within the LGBTQ community. Gross! [OpenPR]

Comedy’s fave whipping boy Carrot Top did a magazine cover shoot, and the folks at the publication captured it all on video– hair straightening and all. Fact: I don’t give a shit about Carrot Top one way or another. Bonus Fact that’s totally true: George Carlin was a fan of Carrot Top. [Las Vegas Magazine]

Tina Fey chatted it up with Matt Lauer yesterday about her new book, Bossypants. [Today]

Tosh.0 is heading to Spain, Norway, Russia and Australia. [C21 Media]

You should never break up with someone via text message. You have options. [Vimeo]

Glenn Beck is threatening to start his own Daily Show-esque comedy program– except really shitty-like. [Business Insider]

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