Convention for and by ‘Community’ fans scheduled for February

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In case you’re not yet convinced of the power and passion Community fans have for their beloved television show, allow us to submit the following: There will be a two day convention dubbed CommuniCon dedicated to the NBC series.

It’s going down in Los Angeles on Feb. 9 and 10 – pegged to the Feb. 7 premiere date for the show’s fourth season – at Los Angeles City College, where many of the exteriors were shot for Community’s first season. And although, according to the convention’s official Tumblr, many details are not yet set, one thing seems to be a sure thing: Community creator and former showrunner Dan Harmon will be there.

The unnamed organizer of the event is hopeful that in the next two months many Community-related activities will be scheduled throughout the two days. “None of these is guaranteed,” CommuniCon’s organizer writes. “I will do everything I can to make as many of these (and/or other awesome things) happen as possible, but please don’t glare, yell, or attack me at CommuniCon if something you were expecting doesn’t end up on the schedule.”

Here’s the list:

– Panel of cast, writers and/or crew
– Giving Dan Harmon a microphone and getting out of his way for a while
– Signing/meet and greet with cast, writers and/or crew
– Community trivia games
– Costume contest and/or “parade”
– Show-related activities, such as: (small) blanket fort building, scheduled group hugs, yahtzee, foosball, karaoke, pop ‘n’ lock-a-thon, video game station with Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne
– Fan-art available for purchase
– Episode marathon with live commentary by writers, cast, and/or crew

Ticket prices have not yet been announced, though they’ll likely hover around $25. We wonder if the two new Community executive producers will be invited?

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  • lyle

    “(small) blanket fort building, scheduled group hugs, yahtzee, foosball, karaoke, pop ‘n’ lock-a-thon”

    Thats the gayest thing ive ever heard, especially considering that the show is about as funny as ball cancer.

    • Annie’s Boobs

      It’s okay, fellow Human Being. It’s not the show’s fault you’re streets behind. That would be your low IQ and narrow-mindedness. :)

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