Dane Cook says his NBC show ‘Next Caller’ has been canceled

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Seriously. What is going on at NBC? Earlier this week, the network announced that, despite scheduling and promoting the Oct. 19 premiere dates of Community and Whitney, the shows would not air as planned. And now we hear that Dane Cook’s show Next Caller, set for a midseason start has been pulled entirely– even after shooting four episodes. Cook told his nearly 3 million Twitter followers that, “After 4 episodes, Next Caller has been politely asked to leave the building,” and then joked, “I can only hope we get syndicated because that money is bomb!”

Next Caller was to revolve around Cook, a smart-ass, sexist satellite radio DJ who finds himself forced to work with a new co-host, an intelligent NPR-type, played by Collette Wolfe. Comedy veteran Jeffrey Tambor (who’s also working on the fourth season of Arrested Development), played Cook and Wolfe’s boss.

“Loved my cast & crew (not sure of their names.. didn’t have time to learn them),” Cook continued in a second tweet. “But will never forget my 37 hours working on Next Brawler.”

Before NBC flaked on Cook’s show and Community and Whitney — both of which have no new start dates — drastic budget cuts at the network forced Jay Leno to take a 50 percent decrease in pay— even after 20 Tonight Show staffers had been laid off. The network was also set to produce a Munsters remake, but instead decided to air it as a one-off Halloween special on Oct. 26.

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  • abefroman

    Good. Dane cook sucks, just filth with no intelligence.

  • Deadzi

    Well, at least there will be a Munsters Halloween special. LOL

  • KobeStyle

    Sounds like the Tom Leykis Show hmmm

  • aquiles perez

    Really !!! The money in syndicated is bomb? Dude NBC can’t compete with Tom Leykis.

  • Mike

    You know you’re not funny when…..

  • Mike G.

    Tom Leykis probably threatened to sue.

  • Keith

    Don’t know who Dane cook is, but that show sounds a lot like the @tomleykis show
    #LEYKIS101… Ummm…

  • http://twitter.com/TTHOOM Tim Terrell

    I’m sure the sexist would get his “comeuppance” every episode and the NPR type would be a cold fish. And Dane Cook would be horrible.

  • da5id

    @facebook-24502701:disqus Adam Carolla?! Really? I like Adam and all.. but the inspiration here is clearly another NBC employee. Howard Stern.

  • BlowMeUp

    I’m sure this was not inspired by Tom Leykis at all…

  • http://www.facebook.com/Brett327 Brett Stevenson

    The phrase “Next Caller” is an Adam Carolla rip-off, just like NBC’s failed show “The New Normal” is a ripoff of Tom Leykis’ internet radio network. One would think that all the talent at NBC’s creative staff would be able to come up with show names that don’t shamelessly steal other artist’s intellectual property.

    • youdumb

      you know “next caller” is from like every radio DJ ever, right?

  • http://www.facebook.com/kan0lee Lee Stamper

    I am sure Obama ordered those time slots open so he can have his own talk show

  • earlyspring

    This would be pretty awesome on HBO or Showtime. A show about a “raw and edgy” radio host on basic cable network? That just makes me cringe.

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