GOP leader forced to resign after Daily Show interview with Aasif Mandvi (Video)

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Not even a full day after he appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, North Carolina county precinct GOP chair Don Yelton has lost his job. Correspondent Aasif Mandvi interviewed the Republican leader about the state’s suspicious voter fraud laws, which opponents claim are nothing but thinly veiled rules constructed to limit minority votes. During Mandvi’s interview Yelton explained why the newly-enforced laws, which says all voters must produce a photo ID before voting, are not racist. He tried to prove his point, but failed miserably. He ended up explaining to Mandvi that one of his best friends is black; he expressed his confusion over why black people could call each other the n-word but he couldn’t and he justified the law, in part, by saying so be it if it “hurts a bunch of lazy blacks who just want the government to give them everything.” Nathan West, a spokesman for the Buncombe County Republican Party said local GOP leaders asked for Yelton’s resignation in “direct response to the interview,” according to Business Insider. Watch the full interview below.

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  • PJ Boehner

    Daily Show clan ain’t nothin’ to fuck with.

  • Real Republican

    tit for tat strategy is not working anymore, free stuff if you stay away. now we as republicans wants to take the tat because even with tit we are losing.

  • Real Republican

    at one time it was ok, now its not anymore. self denial, we did we food stamps in the first place. find out the answer to the question and let me know?

  • Real Republican

    yeah we should stop the welfare system period we are neglecting the problem. The issues is we are a nation filled we Socialist ideology. we shouldn’t be giving out any kind of aid period. not b/c other race are benefiting from this now, all of a sudden we want to eradicate them.

  • jbs77

    I think anyone on government assistance shouldn’t be allowed to vote, because it is obvious the majority will vote for more government assistance. In 2011 there were more people taking the government cheese, than full-time workers. That is bassackwards, and will lead our society into the same pit as Europe.

    • Sara Tinch

      You do understand why a lot of people need government assistance, right? It’s called the 1%. It’s called “the trickle down effect is BS and is obviously not working”. If you take away the right to vote from people who are receiving government assistance, you are just advancing the already grossly large gap between upper and lower class. Plus, just because people are receiving help, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a voice. Finally, everyone votes in such a way that will benefit them best. Why are you just discriminating against those who need assistance?

  • Real Republican

    if its up to me except mentally ill people, everyone else should vote. at the end of the day the president does not represent only white, non lazy, hardworking, and next God people but every born naturalized American.

  • Real Republican

    what is Dr. Spaceman doing here, dont you have ill people to attend to

  • lostintheus

    Let’s see…Aasif Mandvi – 1
    North Carolina ignorant bigot – 0

  • Commonsenseisnotsocommon

    I think people are forgetting about the dying generation of blacks who never had a birth certificate and has never attained a ID because of it. These are the ones who were targeted in the early years. This act is merely a stunt to keep certain individuals from voting. The amazing thing is people have realized all the ways the main caucuses are attempting to suppress them and won’t stand for it. Obama won by 5 million votes with all the odds and money stacked against him. I think the more the GOP acts like a “ass clown” the more people will wise up and vote.

  • chillhappy

    republicans want bigger ID programs, but smaller governments

  • Cameron Hood

    Yay, Aasif! Interview the whole party RIGHT AWAY!

  • Wayne Gilmore

    So Affordable Care Act requires you have to have a valid picture ID. Hmm does that make it racist? Having a picture ID is not racist, it is racist to continue to call people racist to state with. We should have any required ID because of what happened in Germany, same with gun control. But Fanatics on both side have subverted the Constitution to mean anything they want. The problem here and most of you are missing it, the more you think you know better than everyone else on how they should live, the less free you make your own lives and theirs. If someone isn’t hurting or bothering anyone else, you should not have a right to tell them what to do, because you don’t like it. Voter ID is no different than Affordable Care ID, both will be used to hurt people in the end.

    • no what


    • Sara Tinch

      I don’t necessarily think a photo ID should be required, but you made some good points towards the beginning. Everyone should approach each subject with an open mind and a willingness to learn. You lost me at the end though. :-/

  • lynn

    the only thing that will change is that they will get somone who thinks all these things and not express them

  • SliverGod

    Lost it, brilliant.

  • Marty Graw

    you know we can hear you right?

    • Dr. Spaceman

      I dont care if you are “whites” or “lazy blacks”.

      Sidebar: if you pronounce “wh” like you are blowing, you are racist. Its a secret code.

      • Marty Graw

        ok thank you.

  • wings9191

    Let’s see I have to produce ID to get a bank account, a license I use it to verify who I am all the time.
    But ask someone for ID to vote for one of the most powerful positions on the planet and it’s racist?
    How F’ing stupid! Oh look a Dem hack playing the race card yet AGAIN!

    • Miles

      Unfortunately the man they interviewed stuck his foot in his mouth too many times and made any point he was trying to make extremely mute.

      • Leesab

        I think you mean moot.

        • Sidney

          Mute also works because that guy should never speak into a microphone again.

        • Dr. Spaceman

          “Stupid people shouldn’t be choosing the President”

          • kdardis

            …excuse me Doctor, but how much research do you believe the vast majority of people put into who/what it is they are voting on in any election? I believe your quote works better if the words are rearranged to “People who are stupid on what they vote on should not be allowed to vote.” – and that includes many intelligent people who don’t know what’s on the ballot.

          • Dr. Spaceman

            I was quoting the video…genius.

      • wings9191

        Very True Miles and I agree 100% on that point.
        I guess I should have stated that hehe

    • Stacey

      The point isn’t that getting an ID is pretty easy and required for lots of other things – the point is that the effect of requiring ID (which he freely admits in the interview) will be to exclude all kinds of people (mostly minorities, the poor, uneducated people, and young people) from voting for a variety of reasons: inability to get to the DMV, lack of education about the requirements, etc. On top of that, the justifications for why Voter ID laws are needed are totally flimsy; voter fraud is negligible, and the whole thing will cost much more money because it’s complicating the system. It’s a front for excluding voters likely to vote democratic.

      • CommonSense

        OH, bullshirt.
        Last time we voted for President, a guy in a GORILLA SUIT was allowed to vote. Another guy in a BIG BIRD costume was allowed to vote. THIS is the kind of crap that happens when we have no voter registration/ID laws.

        I fully realize that azz holes like this idiot in the video might try to use it to keep people from voting. That CAN be stopped.

        So, JUST GET A PHOTO ID. It’s not expensive, it’s not difficult, it should be the LAW.
        I would like to know that everyone of my neighbors ONLY VOTED ONCE, and that they HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE.

        And let’s ask the question: WHY don’t you have a photo ID?
        Dodging IRS taxes? You’re an illegal alien? You have a long criminal history, for which you would be jailed when they find you? Yeah. ALL good reasons to have VOTER ID LAWS.

        So take your “race card” and shove it straight up your nose.
        This isn’t about race, it’s about FAIRNESS.

        • Dr. J

          Why would someone who has a long criminal history want to vote that badly? He’s like man voting for Obama is way more important than staying hidden!

        • Andrew Baxter

          The constitution makes no stipulations about how you should be dressed when voting so please spare us that lazy argument. Also it’s not your place to judge why people for whatever reason they don’t have photo ID. Having photo ID is not a pre-requisite for citizenship but the right to vote is absolutely the guaranteed right of every citizen.

          • CommonSense

            “the right to vote is absolutely the guaranteed right of every citizen.”

            Good point. The right of every “CITIZEN”.
            So without positive Voter ID, how do you know that the votes cast are from CITIZENS who have that right, and not from SCUMBAGS who just jumped the border? That is, ANY border, or overstaying their visa, etc.

            This is NOT about race, it is NOT about suppression, it is NOT about social classes. It wouldn’t be much different from the current process. Just slap down your photo ID, they acknowledge who you are, they check your name off a list, and you go and vote. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?

            The problem is that some people DON’T want everyone proving who they are first. WHY NOT? If the answer is, “I’m a criminal”, then FUGG OFF.

          • Andrew Baxter

            Why are you so interested in having government create constitutionally iffy laws to solve a problem that any Republican pushing said legislations (like Yelton) will tell you is practically irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Ultimately yes the government does have the right to stop folks who are ineligible to vote from voting but it DOESN’T have the right to stop those who are eligible from voting, whatever the b.s. justification they give. If stopping the handful of illegal votes is what you or any Republican lawmaker really cares about I suggest you go back to the drawing board and find something that doesn’t disenfranchise 10’s or 100’s of times more citizens than illegal votes that it could ever stop. Tell me exactly what fewer early vote days has to do with voter fraud? In fact spacing out the vote over a few weeks instead of on one Tuesday in November gives local governments more time to spot fraud before the election is over. Also the most vulnerable part of the voting system are absentee ballots. In fact absentee ballot fraud is infinitely more common than in person fraud so explain why none of this states are suggesting absentee ballot reform as well?

          • Dr. Spaceman

            Only 1 capitalized word for emphasis, you’re in better shape than that idiot, but you didn’t have to it either.

          • Andrew Baxter

            tl;dr (too lame didn’t read)

          • Tidds

            An important point of contention is that the number of voter fraud could not possibly be correctly evaluated when the registration is as loose as it is. The data is so skewed by improper collection and processing that knowing the true number of fraud is nearly impossible. Which I suppose is reason enough to require an individual to provide evidence that they are citizens- simply to clean the data for better analysis.

          • Andrew Baxter

            That’s an admirable goal and as a mathematician I’m very sympathetic to it but really we need to find a better way to organize or “clean up” the voter roles since the proposed method will stop some eligible voters from voting. This is a pretty simple case of the means not justifying the ends because the means will interfere with the most basic of citizen rights.

            Maybe state and local governments who feel they have a messy voter role can do a census? Would that be a tad expensive, yes probably. However, considering that open and free elections are the foundation of literally everything else in our democracy I think we can splurge on this one thing. I’d really be open to any method of cleaning voter roles so long as it doesn’t stop a single eligible voter from actual voting.

          • Andrew Baxter

            Also “Fugg Off”? What are you 12?

        • Jason Wayne

          What possibly made you this angry about voter ID laws? The DMV screws you over in so many more ways than a dude in a costume got to vote one time. I understand voter suppression bothering people, I just don’t get how republicans got people riled up about voter fraud to begin with.

          • CommonSense

            What made me comment here, is that this VOTER ID thing is just another chance for people to play the race card. If you want to vote, JOIN SOCIETY by getting a photo ID, paying your taxes and NOT hiding from the government which you want to support you so badly.

            “a dude in a costume got to vote one time”
            HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT? YOU DON’T. Get real.
            Gorrilla guy could have voted twice, at least, and depending on how stupid the voter ID laws are, could have voted MANY times. BIG BIRD guy proved HE IS NOT ALONE.

            People need to STFU and get a photo ID.
            How do they cash a check without one?

          • Commonsenseisnotsocommon

            Direct deposit!

          • Dr. Spaceman

            People need to not write posts on the internet where they capitalize random words thinking that they add emphasis, but really don’t.

            We all can read whats said, the word has the same meaning whether its capitalized or not, lay off with this crap please.

          • rarrrrrrliberals

            I like how “commonsense” has to type in CAPS BECAUSE I AM SMART.

          • CommonSense

            To Dr. Dipshit & rarrrrliberals;

            Funny how some LOSERS cannot understand how the English language works. Go home, grow up, take some basic English classes and THEN come back and critique.

          • Sara Tinch

            I think the large issue here is that the Republicans are doing this with the intention of keeping a certain group of people from voting, specifically Democrats. Whether it is about race or not (which, it is, to some degree), their intentions are not good. They are trying to disguise what they are doing and justify it by getting people fired up over fraud. The benefits don’t outweigh the costs in this instance. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to require people to have a photo ID, but it is clear that it will have a negative result, depriving people of their birth right. Perhaps there is a way to reform the system where first everyone is required to obtain a photo ID before implementing a law that requires people to posses a photo ID? Some people are too ignorant, confused, or lazy to go do it if they don’t have to. Or perhaps, even better, there can be organizations, phone numbers, and forums that facilitate people getting an ID.

        • Dr. Spaceman

          Hey champ, capitalizing certain random words does not give them more emphasis, it only makes you look like a psychopath. Have a nice day!

          • Sara Tinch

            To Dr. Spaceman, CommonSense, and rarrrrrrrliberals… since when did this become about capitalization? Your getting lost in petty arguments. There is a larger, more important topic at hand. I would love to hear productive comments from everyone on this topic; that would be the mature thing to do.

    • Dr. Spaceman

      Oh look, a moron Republican completely ignoring the issues related to the topic while sending America further down the toilet, AGAIN!

      • CommonSense

        “Hey champ, capitalizing certain random words does not give them more emphasis, it only makes you look like a psychopath. Have a nice day!”

    • Eric Miltsch

      @wings9191:disqus- Can you not follow the trail here? Let me break it down for you since you don’t seem to get it. By enforcing the action it limits the # of voters that may turn out for the D’s, therefore giving the R’s an advantage. Preying on these people is a form of racism; the moron in the interview is clearly a racist. The ends don’t justify the means. (And yes, I’m a R – is it so wrong for everyone to play fair?)

      • wings9191

        Hehehe Oh yeah I understand that.
        That’s why I’m a lying Racist Homophobic who hates poor people and who doesn’t fit into my blonde hair blue eyed mold.
        To bad i’m not blonde, racist or a hater.
        I get it know, the facts don’t matter it’s what some tool bag said.
        Oh yeah I forgot I love the confederate flag to since 1 dude showed up to a rally in Washington and it was one of the few pictures that came out.

      • Sara Tinch

        This is a completely honest question, why is it about race? Why is it not just about the poor or the ignorant (or whoever wouldn’t be able or willing to get a photo ID)? Is it that the majority of poor and ignorant people in our country are from a minority group? Again, I’m not trying to be offensive. I’m trying to give myself insight on the topic. I don’t doubt that the Republicans are targeting race, but is that the end result and why? Thank you in advance for your insight.

        • Eric Miltsch

          Valid question & you’re right, it doesn’t need to just be about race. I feel that it’s simply a matter of resources or ability. The people targeted are all races – Maybe it’s simply a form of general class discrimination.

          • Sara Tinch

            Thank you for the reply :)

    • acornwebworks

      Do you honestly not see the difference between having to produce ID to get a bank account…and having to produce that ID every time you want to make a transaction at the ATM…or even at the teller’s window…even though you now have a bank card???

      When you register to vote, you get sent a voter registration card. So why can’t your voter registration card *be* your ID when you vote? Just like your frickin’ bank card is your ID at the teller’s window?

      Jeez Louise. Why bother giving you a darned voter registration card if you can’t use it to vote???

    • S Weaver

      it’s not just showing ID, it’s many different new requirements that are specifically designed to make it difficult for “certain people” to vote. for example, reducing early voting makes it harder for people who work jobs that don’t have flexible schedules to vote. the subject of this interview, and other GOP lawmakers in the past, have specifically said that these laws are intended to make voting harder for “democrats”. that alone is atrocious and undermines the voting process, but it isn’t hard to see who they mean by “democrats”. also, for a party supposedly devoted to curbing wasteful spending, requiring something that’s going to cost a lot of money to solve a minimal problem (even the guy in the interview admits voter fraud is “one or two people”) seems pretty wasteful. however it isn’t seen as waste because, by their own admission, it’s meant to keep one party in power.

    • Andrew Baxter

      Easy access to bank accounts is not a constitutionally guaranteed right, voting is. End of story.

    • pumpernickel000

      “Dem hack playing the race card yet AGAIN!”? Did you even watch the interview? Yelton is as racist as they get, even admitting he’s a racist. If race wasn’t a big enough, he also admitted the law’s purpose of defeating Democrats rather than its supposed purpose. The fact that he was forced to resign is even further evidence of this.

      Get your head our of your @$%!

    • Mim

      You don’t need a photo ID to buy a firearm in most states

    • StateofReason

      Are bank accounts a constitutional right? Are all citizens guaranteed the right to a license in the constitution? Nope. The right to vote is guaranteed to all citizens in the constitution. Stop trying to restrict it. If you can’t win elections fairly then maybe you need a better platform.

      • Jay Edwards

        Excuse me but the Dem’s are the ones who seem to have tons of voter fraud.
        Oh yeah that’s why you are defending this, you probably voted multiple times.
        Give me a break, you people act so high and freakin mighty but the Dem’s are the ones bending the rules. Just run and stop cheating and it won’t be an issue.

        • StateofReason

          Even Don Yelton said there are only 1-2 cases of actual voter fraud in each election but these laws will stop hundreds of thousands of people from voting.

  • JAM


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