How hard is Conan O'Brien laughing at Jay Leno's low ratings?

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Conan O'BrienWe’ll probably never know the answer to this question, seeing as Conan O’Brien isn’t the type to gloat about his good fortunes (well, maybe a little).

But he’s got to be pleased with this morning’s news that The Tonight Show with Jay Leno has registered its lowest summer ratings with the crucial demographic of 18 to 49 year olds in the show’s history, according to the Hollywood Reporter. What’s worse (or good, for Conan) is that Coco was actually pulling higher numbers with his Tonight Show the same time last year.

This comes just two days after O’Brien announced the name of his new TBS show, Conan, which premieres Nov. 8.

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  • grant

    i never have watched leno. after he went back on his word with conan, i’ll never watch him.

  • PJBrown

    What goes around, comes around. But at least Jay has enough chin to take the

  • assfacerobot

    I thought it was “Conaw”.

  • Scarab83

    Suck it, Leno!

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