How well do you know Colbertian, a new language named after Stephen Colbert?

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Stephen Colbert has yet another feature to add to his long list of things named after him. In addition to a Ben & Jerry’s flavor, a spider, and a bridge in Hungary, researchers at Northwestern University (his alma mater) have created a language named after fake news guy. The language dubbed “Colbertian” was created for a study in which researchers tested 24 subjects on 24 words to see if there is a link between knowing multiple languages and learning a new language. Half the participants were bilingual in English and Spanish.

The study, which will appear in the Cognitive Science journal, concluded that participants who are bilingual found “less interference from their native language” compared with the monolingual participants. You can try the study and test your knowledge of Colbertian vocabulary for yourself here.

“Stephen Colbert has brought new words like ‘truthiness’ and ‘Lincolnish’ into the lexicon,” Communications Professor Viorica Marian told reporters in a news release. “We had to invent a new language to do our research, and no one invents words as readily as Stephen Colbert. Naming our new language after Colbert was a no-brainer.”

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