Hugh Grant denied entry to Eddie Pepitone show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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Perhaps Hollywood A-lister Hugh Grant heard the positive buzz surrounding Eddie Pepitone’s show Bloodbath, currently running at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland through Aug. 26. Or maybe he was just up for a night of decidedly anti-mainstream art. Regardless of what brought him to the Tron yesterday, it’s clear what (or who) prevented him from gaining entrance: bouncers.

Grant arrived at the pub for the 11:40 pm show, according to the UK’s all-things comedy site Chortle. Rolling 11 deep, Grant and everyone in his posse apparently forgot to bring ID. It turns out the combination of Grant’s filmography and his dreamy blue eyes wasn’t enough to sway the door guards. A Pepitone rep tried to reason with the bouncers to no avail, and eventually he wasn’t allowed back in the venue!

“The doormen at the Tron are psychotic and they probably work for Blackwater,” Pepitone tells Laughspin. “As far as I’m concerned, Hugh Grant and I are on the same level. We actually both went out for Four Weddings and a Funeral.”

Continued, Pepitone: “Tonight I have Elton John coming and I hope he gets in.”

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  • boooo

    Sounds like the door staff were just doing their job to me. How does that make them psychotic? What the heck is blackwater?

  • Elderhamster

    The combination of Grant’s filmography and his dreamy blue eyes doesn’t change the law. Or hasn’t he figured this out yet?

  • Guest

    The combination of Grant’s filmography and his dreamy blue eyes doesn’t allow him to break the law. Or hasn’t he learned this already?

  • FM

    Too bad for the Brit. Eddie rules

  • B Seth Brown

    wow! judging from his picture above, hugh grant has really let himself go to hell…

  • Lambastard

    Hugh Grant is a batty eyed turd. He hasn’t been an A-list actor since the affair with a hooker. This scumbag comes to this country breaks laws and kicks American citizens who get in his way.That is a fact!

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