IFC gets all Police Navidad with Lethal Weapon, Die Hard marathon (Exclusive video)

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This Christmas Eve, skip the feel-good holiday movies (we’ve all seen A Christmas Story too many times to count) and tune in for a full day of bad-ass cop movies with IFC’s Police Navidad marathon. Featuring the Lethal Weapon and Die Hard movie series.
All day Saturday, December 24th starting @ 6:00AM. Check out the video and schedule below!

Beverly Hills Cop III
Airs Saturday, December 24 @ 6:00AM

Lethal Weapon
Airs Saturday, December 24 @ 8:15AM

Lethal Weapon 2
Airs Saturday, December 24 @ 1:30PM

Lethal Weapon 3
Airs Saturday, December 24 @ 4:00PM

Lethal Weapon 4
Airs Saturday, December 24 @ 6:45PM

Die Hard
Airs Saturday, December 24 @ 9:30PM

Die Hard 2
Airs Saturday, December 25 @ 12:30AM

Die Hard: With a Vengeance
Airs Saturday, December 25 @ 3:15AM


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