Interview: Mia Rose Frampton, aka the girl who verbally kills Kristen Wiig in “Bridesmaids”

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Mia Rose Frampton is an adorable, spunky young actress likely to make her mark on Hollywood in a big way. A gigantic way, even, given the comedic chops and improvisational prowess she demonstrated in that now infamous deleted scene from Bridesmaids, which has nearly 200,000 views on YouTube already. (see below). Checking in with Laughspin, the 15-year-old actress, former ABC Family show Make it or Break It star — and daughter of 1970s rock star Peter Frampton — waxes rhapsodic about the filming experience, her mad dissing skills and why Kristen Wiig is her comedy goddess.

Was the scene done in one take, or was it pieced together from multiple takes?
It was pieced together. It was many takes. The filming of that scene took about three hours, I think.

Did the two of you practice the scene beforehand, or did you decide to completely improvise on the spot?
We did one practice take, and then the director Paul Feig went, ‘Go ahead and do whatever you want.’ It was my dream come true. [Laughs].

Do you have a lot of experience in comedy and improvising? Was it something you’d done before the movie?
I took classes a year or two ago at Second City Improv, and that’s where I learned most of it. I love it – it’s my favorite type of acting.

How did you land the role in the movie?
I auditioned first for a casting director, and then my second audition was with the director, and I got it.

How did you enjoy the filming experience? This was your first movie, right?
No, it was actually my second. [ed. note: That’s What I Am with Ed Harris was her first] It was on a much larger scale than the first one I did. It was amazing: to work with Kristen Wiig, who is amazing. She’s my comedic idol, so obviously I was star struck. I tried to act like I wasn’t, but I really was, and it was honestly amazing; one of the best times I’ve ever had.

Did you tell her afterwards that she’s your comedic idol?
I mean, I think she got it. [Laughs]. I don’t know – I tried to not stare at her for too long, but I think she got it because I said “it’s an honor to meet you, and I love your work.”

Even though it was just acting, did you feel bad about how nasty you were dissing her in the scene?
No, because she was giving it right back, so I thought, well, I’m going to top that so she’ll be taken aback that some little girl has come up with that. So it was kind of like a game.

What was your favorite line that you came up with in the scene?
I think I said something about like, ‘Who cares about Iraq?’ And I was thinking, ‘Oh god, the people in Iraq are probably going, ‘You know who cares about Iraq? Everyone should care about Iraq!’’ They’re probably hating me, but I thought it was pretty cool. [Laughs].

Do you think you want to pursue acting and/or comedy as a career?
Yes, of course. I love all types of acting, but comedy is just my thing. Me and my brother and my dad are just big hams, and we love to say jokes for each other. We all love comedy movies. It’s my dream, and hopefully I’ll get the chance to do it for the rest of my life. I’m so lucky that I got to work with Kristen Wiig and do an amazing film, and I can’t believe that people saw my scene on the Internet!

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    Thank you, Laugh Spin, for taking the time, perhaps even in response to my comment on the initial post with the video.  It just wasn’t right that the video was so prominent without even a mention of Frampton.

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