Is ‘Seriously, Who Farted?’ Nick Swardson’s stand-up swan song?

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Nick Swardson likes to tell the media how eager he is to quit stand-up comedy — he told me point blank a few months ago — and focus all his attention on feature films. He should really reconsider. Not that a successful run as a scene-stealing thespian should be anything but assured – he’s already proven his celluloid worthiness with roles in Blades of Glory and Grandma’s Boy. But his stand-up is just plain hilarious, and this is readily apparent in his latest Comedy Central special, Seriously, Who Farted? (Premiering Sunday, Oct. 11 at 10 p.m. EST).

In spite of its frat-boyish title, the special is a quick way for Swardson to demonstrate his comedic prowess and cunning ability to spin the ordinary into an item of profound hilarity. Although enjoying a long-successful run as a teenaged favorite for the Adam Sandler set, Swardson has always been a rather underrated stand-up voice. And while he’ll probably never carry as respected of a reputation as, say, a Jim Gaffigan or a Patton Oswalt, his material, as always, speaks for itself.
Nick Swardson – 80s Parties

“Girls love 80s parties,” he opines during the special. “I could tell them that Osama bin Laden was holding a party, and they’d refuse to attend. But if I told them Osama bin Laden was holding an 80s party, they’d be like, ‘…well, what time?’”

Swardson has always had the knack for creating a conversational onstage persona that not only draws in audience members to his world, but sets them instantly at ease in it. He knows how to spin a good yarn, and even the most unconventional of scenarios can feel like every day fodder in Swardson’s capable comic hands. (“There’s nothing worse than being violently too high. It’s horrifying. You know what I mean.”) Even if you don’t – but if you’re a diehard Swardson devotee, let’s face it, you probably do – it’s almost impossible to resist lines like those, especially when they’re delivered with a boyish wink and a dimpled smile.

If Swardson’s comedy career is truly about to pass on to the great open mic gig in the sky, then Seriously, Who Farted is a pretty solid send off. He will be sorely missed.

After the jump, check out another video clip from Seriously, Who Farted?
Nick Swardson – Drunk Chicks

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  • Katie

    This is my new favorite comedy DVD/CD. Nick Swardson’s material is hysterical. If you haven’t picked it up yet, I would definitely recommend going to a store RIGHT NOW!

  • Alex

    I would definitely pick up this DVD if you get chance! It’s really funny and these clips are the perfect prelude to what the rest of the DVD beholds! It will have you laughing for hours!

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