Jessi Klein livens up Saturday Night Live’s writers room

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Jessi KleinHere at Punchline Magazine, we have an insatiable crush on Jessi Klein. And who can blame us? She’s smart, funny (nay, hilarious!), and sexy in that girl-nerdy way that everyone and their Aunt Ester’s pet goldfish loves to love.

That’s why we’re unbelievably stoked to hear about stand-up comedian and comedy scribe Klein being hired on mid-season to join the writing staff of Saturday Night Live. As the blog Jezebel points out, this also marks something of a turning point for women writers in late-night television circles – a notoriously slighted demographic that has struggled with acceptance since the Belushi-dominated boys club of the original SNL.

Politics aside, it’s so refreshing to see someone as talented and unbelievably skilled at comedic-worthsmithing like Klein, who’s spent the better part of 2009 writing for and appearing on Michael and Michael Have Issues on Comedy Central, make the leap to sketch gold. Bravo, Jessi!

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  • GurlManna3

    Maybe she can make the show funny again because it is sucking stale wind right about now

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