Luisa Omielan thigh gap video goes viral. Comedian gets 8 million views on Facebook!

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British comedian Luisa Omielan is, like her hero Beyoncé, bold and unafraid. Unafraid of enjoying the shit out of a high-calorie dinner, unafraid of “upgrading” her self-esteem, and COMPLETELY unafraid of de-pantsing herself, onstage, on camera, right in the middle of the Melbourne Comedy Festival. In the process, she’s also managed to amass more than 8 million views of the proceeding video on Facebook. Have you even met 8 million people? Doubtful. And unless you lead some kind of exceptional life – okay, like Mrs. Carter and Mr. Knowles probably do – odds are that you never will.

However, given the nature of this truly awesome stand-up set, 8 million views almost seems like too modest an amount. One thing that certainly isn’t modest is Omielan herself, who closed out her performance by abruptly pulling down her pants and exposing her lack of “thigh gap” to a roaring audience. (She may not have a thigh gap, but it’s possible she is experiencing a wage gap, as Sarah Silverman says she did). It probably won’t be much longer before Omielan is selling out arenas in true Sasha Fierce fashion. Check out the hilarious clip below and feast your eyes on the gal who’s got so many tongues wagging.

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  • John Hancock

    She’s fat and not funny. Typical woman “comedienne”.

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