Miley Cyrus plays Michele Bachmann in government shutdown music video

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When Miley Cyrus released her bizarre video for “We Can’t Stop” earlier this year, rational human beings would never have thought it would be mashed up with something as political as a government shutdown. But it has– and to great effect. During last night’s Saturday Night Live, NBC aired “We Did Stop,” featuring Cyrus as insane Tea Party Republican Michele Bachmann and Taran Killam as Speaker of the House John Boehner. Well done, gang. Well done.

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  • Darnell

    Why is Bachman insane? Because she isn’t liberal?

    • Brian the Bastard

      Anyone who believes that being gay is a condition that can be cured is open to be considered insane. We can be “tolerant” of their belief, just as we can for the people who believe the moon is a reptilian base that controls our perception of reality, They still crazy though.

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