Nancy Pelosi claims Stephen Colbert doesn’t like kittens in new attack ad

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What does it mean when a comedian’s satirical influence rubs off so heartily on the subjects he’s satirizing that said subjects begin to satirize the real satirists? Christ, I have no idea. But I can tell you that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has entered the world of comedy. She’s just released the below faux attack ad against Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC, Creating A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow.

So, what’s a Super PAC? It’s an organization that is not officially tied to a presidential candidate but one that is permitted to raise as much money it wants from people or corporations to benefit a designated candidate. And they do not have to disclose where the money is coming from or how much they’ve got in its coffers. Months ago, Colbert announced that he was forming his own Super PAC to essentially draw out the absurdity of the concept. As you probably know, he’s been releasing hilarious political ads ever since.

Well, today the Democrats are reintroducing the Disclose Act in an effort to remove unlimited, secret donations from the political landscape. And to further promote the cause, Pelosi’s camp launched a Faceboook group called Disclose, Reform, Amend that features a simple logo with the words Making A Better Tomorrow, Today (an earnest version of Colbert’s Super PAC moniker). Also, here’s that attack ad I mentioned. What do you think?

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