Marc Maron: Final Engagement

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(Editor's note: While this item is in our review section, what follows is the liner notes for Marc Maron's new album, Final Engagement, which I wrote. If I had written a proper review of the album it wouldn't have looked much different than this. I wrote this in March while I...

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Christian Finnegan: Home is where the comedy is

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All photos by KEVIN DUFFY. Listen. We know you come to Punchline Magazine for the best, in-depth interviews with stand-up comedians. We totally understand. But every once in a while, we get the urge to invade a well-known comedian’s home, tell him to strip down to his...

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Monday stand-up video: Matt Linville

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The hysteria surrounding the swine flu is no laughing matter. Unless you are an audience at Go Bannanas laughing at Matt Linville while he shares concerns about the swine...

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Say it isn’t so: Robert Schimmel arrested for domestic abuse

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According to website TMZ and New York’s Daily News, comedian Robert Schimmel was arrested early this morning for alleged “felony domestic violence.” From Cops got a call to come to Schimmel’s Calabasas home at around 12:30 AM. They observed...

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Fun Friday video: Popeye’s runs out of chicken

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With all this Swine Flu talk, you may have missed another important news story that cropped up lately. It seems Popeye’s chicken ran some crazy special. Having done no research on the matter, we’ve learned that it was a 93-piece meal for 12 cents. Because their...

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Oprah Winfrey looks for next big comedian

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Oprah Winfrey controls the entire universe. Doesn’t she? Answer. Yes. So it makes perfect sense that she is now looking to discover the next big stand-up comedian. The page on her official site wherein they ask for submissions pretty much reads like a list of things you...

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Paul Mooney rips Earthquake a new one

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There’s no question that Comedy Central’s roasts are one of the network’s biggest draws. And now the folks at TVOne, a cable and satellite channel geared toward African Americans, are putting on their own roast; we get the feeling, however, the verbal daggers...

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Showalter and Ian Black unleash the farting butterfly

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I hate fart jokes. I find them pedestrian, derivative and not nearly as highfalutin as I'd like my comedy. Except when Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black are sketching a fart joke. Then I like it fine. And really, the below preview from their upcoming Comedy Central show...

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Is improv a lesser form of comedy than stand-up?

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The differences between live stand-up comedy and live improv are great and varied for sure. It’s a discussion we’ve never had on Punchline Magazine, mainly because our passion and expertise lie in stand-up comedy and we don’t know much about improv. So really, who are we...

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